Is Sending a Ham to a Mosque a bigger hate crime than Murdering innocent Jews?

When is the last time you saw or heard a Muslim fundamentalist denounce the persecution of Jews and Christians as hate crimes? While you’re mulling that one over, when is the last time you saw or heard a Muslim fundamentalist refer to receiving a ham in the mail as a hate crime?

Hint: the answer to the second question includes the words “all”, “the”, and “time”.

The latest example comes from ABNA via BNI:

The Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en France reports that a mosque at Mulhouse, in Alsace, was the victim of an Islamophobic act earlier this week. Exactly as happened at Meximieux last month, officials at the place of worship were mailed an envelope containing ham.

The CCIF adds that, as was also the case with the Meximieux mosque, this is not the first time that the Mulhouse mosque has been targeted in an act of hatred. About a year ago more than 70 nails were found along the front of the building where worshippers usually park their cars. When Daoui Hanafi, president of the mosque, attempted to file a complaint, the police refused to register it and only agreed to record a statement.

In this latest incident, on collecting the post from the mosque’s mailbox Mr Hanafi found a yellow envelope, stamped and addressed to the As-Salam mosque. Inside was a plastic bag containing the pork. This time, he was able to file a complaint with the police. At Meximeux, by contrast, in identical circumstances, the police argued that no offence had been committed and refused to register a complaint.

In addition to being the target of repeated attacks, and both receiving a letter containing pork, there is a third common feature that connects these two mosques, namely that they have faced the reluctance of the authorites to take threats to their places of worship seriously. The CCIF asks whether French Muslims are to be treated as second class citizens, who are to be denied the recognition and protection due to any victim under the law.

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Speaking of hate crimes in France, where was the outrage from The Meximieux mosque when a certain Islamic jihadist gunned down innocent Jews? In fact, a Google search of “Mohamed Merah” and “Meximieux mosque” yields a grand total of one hit and it appears to involve two unrelated stories.


How about Daoui Hanafi, the Mosque’s Imam who is up in arms over receipt of the ham? Is there anything from him to be found about the jihadist rampage of Merah? There are four entries that come up when searching those two names and they are all unrelated stories:


As for why the authorities aren’t investigating the heinous acts of mailing hams, it’s hard to say but more than a just few Muslim fundamentalists have been caught staging alleged crimes against themselves to gin up victim status and play that Islamophobia card again and again and again and again…

Remember this?

Staging a hate crime to facilitate hate for a group of people who didn’t commit the alleged crime is in itself a hate crime.

In Biblical parlance, we call that bearing false witness.


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