My Nine Year-old Patriot

Keith Davies

Three weeks ago, my son came home from school and exclaimed that his teacher said something he disagreed with. My son rarely discusses what he does in school and whenever I question him about how school went on any particular day, I usually get the same, one-word response most parents get from a nine year-old.


However, on this occasion, he spoke first and clearly had much to say. He said that in his third grade social studies class, they were discussing the Constitution. My son asked the teacher a question:

“Why then is the government trying to ban guns?”

The teacher responded…

“The Constitution was written in the 1700s and it needs to be ‘modernized’.”

My son then asked the teacher:

“What should we do about that situation?”

She then revealed her true agenda when she responded…

“I do not like guns and decisions need to be made.”

Fortunately, my son gets a great dose of Constitutional “extremism” (normal Americans call it actual education) in my house and he is well acquainted with many parts of the Constitution so when the teacher responded to him the way she did, he knew he was being indoctrinated and that the teacher was potentially speaking in direct contradiction to both the Pennsylvania and USA constitutions.

I then went to see the principal and ran into a stonewall when I was issued denials, despite the fact that my son’s version of events was corroborated by two other students.

This was not the first time I had been issued such denials by that principal either.

Two months earlier, the very same teacher told the class that she “did not mind paying higher taxes because it helps the poor.” I went to see the principal who steadfastly stood by the teacher’s version of events. The teacher even called me to advise me that not only was it untrue what my son had said (despite it too being corroborated) but she was a “Republican”.

Americans are in this hole of indoctrination and progressive attacks in their schools because too many of us have long been too silent and too apathetic. Many Americans who are apolitical, totally uneducated, or both are not engaged in the battle for freedom. Consequently, the “progressive” enemies of freedom have been gathering their forces and are emboldened. Many Americans do not appreciate or understand what freedom is until they lose it, which is usually when it’s too late to save it.

I came to America twenty-two years ago from Europe because of socialism. I came from a country where people lived with confiscatory taxes, high prices and limited opportunities. Ironically, the Irish government gave huge tax breaks to American and other foreign companies to set up businesses in Ireland but the local people had to pay more than the foreign companies. The Irish government knows that low taxes create jobs but that was only reserved for the foreigners. So I decided to become a “foreigner” and immigrate to America in 1990.

The American Constitution was the first national document that presented liberties to the individual and restricted the government by requiring it to abide by and respect those individual liberties afforded its citizenry. The rest of the world looked on while America became the most powerful country in the world because of the ideals in this great document, which presented freedom to its citizens and unleashed opportunity to those who grabbed ahold of the American dream. Millions of people came from all over the world to enjoy the freedoms offered by America. Yet today, most Americans have no clue about what the Constitution says and why it was written the way it was. The principal of freedom in the 1700s is the same principal as in 2013; freedom does not need to be “modernized” because it’s inherently basic.

Attempting to “modernize” freedom would be like attempting to come up with a new answer in the 2 + 2 equation.

The Second amendment is the most important amendment after the first amendment. That is why it is the SECOND amendment. Virtually every founding father quotes the importance of the right for free, law-abiding citizens to bear arms. They knew all too well what Alexander Hamilton enunciated:

“When the sword is once drawn, the passion of men observe no bounds of moderation.”

In other words, an armed, law-abiding public provides a major disincentive for any government to assert authoritarian, dictatorial power.

Have things changed in the world so much since the 1700s? There are as many tyrannical dictators – if not more – in the world today than there were in the 1700s. Yes, weapons and guns are more advanced and powerful than they were in the 1700s but much of the same weapons technology can be acquired by both good and bad guys so why should the good guys be more greatly disadvantaged by having ever more inferior fire power?

The lesson of this article is that I educated my nine year-old son Eric about freedom and his rights when he grows up. He also had the inspiration of Thomas Jefferson when he:

“Question(ed) with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.”

If we Americans believe in our own freedom, we need to teach our children the meaning of the freedom handed down to us by God and our great founding fathers. Americans need to stand up for their freedom even when they are only nine years old, especially when so many adults are taking a pass these days.

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