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On Today’s Ben Barrack show, Barrack played back and analyzed an exchange between ‘Ben in Hermitage’ and Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) during a radio town hall. During this call, Kelly was asked about the IRS scandal that involves Malik Obama’s work with the government of Sudan. Kelly admitted to knowing about the scandal and said ‘Ben’ was “spot-on” relative to his concerns.

Another topic of discussion involved claims that the Syrian rebels are the ones actually responsible for the Chemical weapons attack on August 21st. Barrack breaks down the very explosive article by Dale Gavlak that not only implicates the rebels but also Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia.

A very interesting angle to alleged Saudi involvement includes a meeting between Bandar and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. During that meeting, which reportedly took place during the same week that Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain were in Egypt, calling for the release of Muslim Brotherhood, Bandar is said to have issued a veiled threat to Putin if the latter didn’t drop his support Assad.

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Barrack Show

Barrack Show


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