This is the Regime Obama wants to take over Syria

In the video below, you will see how the Syrian rebels are enforcing Sharia law in that country. As we have chronicled at every turn, there are no examples that demonstrate the rebels in that country are repressed people fighting for their lives and for freedom. They are savages who are doing the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Brown Shirts in Syria

Brown Shirts in Syria

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**UPDATE** Here’s a version of the video that can be embedded (h/t WZ):

This is a very telling video that demonstrates how Brotherhood rebels actually dispatch Islamist police forces into neighborhoods to apprehend people they suspect are loyal to the Assad regime. This is the near exact replication of the Nazi brown shirts.

When it comes to the problem of friction between Islamist factions, you’ll see leaders from two separate Islamic groups attempt to bridge their differences so that Sharia courts can become more powerful. A terrorist who goes by the alias of Abu Suliman heads up the Sharia courts. As for penal codes? They don’t need no stinkin’ penal codes; they’ve got the Qur’an!

Around the 6:00 mark, a man who is sitting before the court is having the bottoms of his feet slapped with a stick by some representative of the court when the judge walks in and demands that filming be stopped. Why? He doesn’t want people to think they’re “barbarians”.

After the 8:00 mark, the preacher raids a pool hall where kids are playing and attempts to get the owner to shut his operation down because the children would be better served by attending the local mosque. The reason? When you lose, “hatred” for your opponent builds up and is not healthy.

The establishment of Sharia courts.


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