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Just a few short hours before going on-air, the Republican House passed a bill that would delay Obamacare for one year after the Democratic controlled Senate kicked back a House bill that would have de-funded Obamacare. The bill to delay implementation of Obamacare marks a significant change in Republican House leadership as it indicates an apparent willingness – for the first time – to allow the Democrats to own any Government shutdown. For all of the heat Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been taking from the Republican establishment, he may have so galvanized conservatives that the establishment has been forced to find a backbone.

In the second segment, we take a look at an interview Malik Obama gave to the Anatolia News Agency. Barack Obama’s half-brother blames Walid Shoebat for reports all over the Middle East which implicates him as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Actually, these reports didn’t originate with Shoebat. However, the discovery that Malik is a prominent figure within the Sudan’s Islamic Da’Wa Organization (IDO) was uncovered by Shoebat.

Barrack’ll break it all down.

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