Egyptian Celebrity: ‘Obama… sponsoring terrorism’

Hussein Fahmy is an Egyptian movie star with access to political power players. In this interview, he tells viewers that he ‘twice’ told U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson that she – along with the Obama administration – is ‘incompetent’. He further stated that he had meetings with two U.S. Congressmen. Though he mistook John Sununu for one of those Congressmen, Fahmy said he met with Sununu and Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) in November and December of last year.

Egyptian Celebrity to Ambassador Patterson: You're 'incompetent'.

Egyptian Celebrity to Ambassador Patterson: You’re ‘incompetent’.

The complaints Fahmy said he relayed to Sununu and Moran were apparently met with responses of ignorance. Moran continues to support the Obama administration as a loyal, far left-wing Democrat and if Sununu has something to say on the matter, he hasn’t been one of the most vocal figures about it.

The actor also says that the U.S. Congress has been “marginalized by (Obama) and Patterson”, showing that he understands U.S. Politics better than many Americans.

Via MEMRI TV (h/t BNI):


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