Story of Armenian who survived Genocide at hands of Muslims

An excerpt…

“Three days after leaving Sebastia, the convoy came to a strange village. Here there were all types of rough looking and heavily armed horsemen who were joining the regular army escort. The village was called Hassan Jelabe. Here these fierce Turks started rounding up all the teenage boys and herding them into the town. They were then locked up in a large hall like prison. Among the young boys taken away was my Uncle Dikran. Mugerdich was spared because my grandmother was able to put a girl’s dress on him in time to escape the roundup (he still had no trace of a beard). My grandmother and Mugerich watched in horror as the boys were taken away. My grandmother removed the dress after the commotion was over.

The next day, they heard that boys had been taken from the prisons and marched to the nearby mountain and beheaded. Their bodies had been stripped of all their clothes which the Turkish horsemen brought back into the town the night and distributed among the Turkish villagers. That morning, as the boys were being led out of the village, my grandmother had spotted her son Dikran and their eyes met. The last words spoken by Dikran to his mother were, “Mother, they are taking us away.”

Mugerdich Gulian

Mugerdich Gulian

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We wish to collect the stories of Armenian Christians’ Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts who survived the Armenian Genocide. We will publish them as we receive them. The importance of more people knowing about this genocide cannot be overstated. It went virtually unreported and forgotten, which helped lay the foundation for Hitler and his henchmen to perform the Holocaust on the Jews. The Muslim Genocide of Christians in the early part of the twentieth century is now being repeated in the Middle East, Asia and Africa by Muslims. The world is again repeating its silence. Not only will we NOT be silent but we will act with the help of our readers to save lives. Please click here to participate in saving your brethren.