Defeating Obama with Judas Iscariot

By Ben Barrack

Perhaps no single piece of legislation has so clearly revealed a U.S. President as being so much like Judas Iscariot than Obamacare has revealed about the President whose name the law bares. When Barack Obama is dropping too sharply in the polls or when simple stonewalling doesn’t prevent a scandal from getting too close to the administration for its own comfort, an exploitation of the poor is almost always right around the corner.

Instead of addressing the controversy, Obama will attempt to change the subject using his bully pulpit. When he does this, it always involves his moving to the left while constructing a straw man for his base to beat like a dead horse, believing there is nectar in its bones. He exhorts them to believe phony injustices while many of them are the recipients of ‘Obama phones’ paid for – in full – by those Obama tells them to hate. The poor, he says, are the victims of the rich, who frivolously spend their (own) money without regard for what happens to the poor. He rubs raw the ‘sores of discontent’ in a way that would make his Lucifer-loving, ideological hero, Saul Alinsky, proud.

Judas: Betraying the Truth in the Flesh is the worst kind of lying.

Judas: Betraying the Truth in the Flesh is the worst kind of lying.

Obama’s advisers obviously chose this course because it’s effective; polling must show that it works. One of the reasons it is so effective is because those with the voices and the power to render it ineffective are too afraid to speak the truth because it’s such a dark truth. This dynamic is not dissimilar from Obama being able to get away with far more than any other president has or could get away with because of his race.

Politicians who are afraid to criticize Obama for fear of being labeled racists are the same ones who fear calling him what he is – a socialist, a thief, and a liar. If they did, class warfare wouldn’t work and Obama could be neutralized and forced to talk about who he really is.

This is why the president’s opponents and free market proponents should invoke the Bible’s most notorious figure – Judas Iscariot. Obama isn’t just following Alinsky (who ironically dedicated his most infamous book to Lucifer). The president is also using the very same tactics used by the one who betrayed Jesus, as explained in John 12:1-6.

Judas Iscariot: Liar and thief who held the money bag and used class warfare.

Judas Iscariot: Liar and thief who held the money bag and used class warfare.

When a woman chose to use her own possession (expensive oil) to anoint the feet of Jesus, Judas objected, saying that the oil could be put to better use by selling it and giving the proceeds to the poor. This was quintessential class warfare on the part of Judas, particularly when one considers why he said these things, revealed in the sixth verse:

6 This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was put therein.

Barack Obama too, is a liar and a thief while claiming to hold the higher moral ground of caring for the poor, which he’s not doing; he’s doing what Judas Iscariot did – the opposite, for his own selfish interests.

With the botched roll out – and relaunch – of the Obamacare website being such a public relations disaster for the administration, coupled with millions of people losing their doctors and their plans, while being forced to pay much higher premiums, it’s obvious that a decision has been made to wage another class warfare offensive. In some cases, people will die because they will lose their health care. The irony is that in ignoring those who are losing their health care, Obama is revealing that he doesn’t care about real victims at all, only about exploiting ones that he creates.

Before betraying Jesus, Judas stole the money of others under the guise of social welfare. Barack Obama is stealing money and lives in the name of saving both.

Obama is a proven liar. He did so at least thirty-six times relative to Obamacare alone, telling people they could keep their doctors and their health care plans, period.

Here is Barack Obama focusing on “income inequality” after his signature piece of legislation (Obamacare) has literally stolen the health care plans of millions of people in the name of caring for the poor:

Here is an excellent analysis of exactly what made Judas Iscariot a socialist:


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