Democrat Congresswoman on Benghazi: Uh… Er… Uh

Her name is Rep. Ann Kuster (D-NH). At a recent town hall meeting, she was reading questions from attendees that were submitted on notecards. Upon reading a question about Benghazi, Kuster attempted to dismiss the question and move on by saying that the resolution calling for a select committee to investigate, is a Senate matter. You can hear at least one audience member rightfully correct her; Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) is the one who authored the resolution.

Kuster: Another intellectually vacant Democrat.

Kuster: Another intellectually vacant Democrat.

Shortly thereafter, an audience member challenges Kuster to address the Benghazi issue. After looking completely oblivious to what Benghazi is, Kuster then says she didn’t come to the town hall to talk about Benghazi; she came to talk about the Middle East. Understandably, that garnered a stern reaction from a crowd. Technically, some maps don’t include Libya as being part of the Middle East but Egypt is, which borders Libya to the east (Benghazi is in western Libya, to boot). However, that was a lame response by Kuster.

Besides, there were Egyptians involved in the Benghazi attacks so Kuster could have spoken to that aspect of the attacks and she wouldn’t have deviated from her Middle Eastern subject matter.

Another case study in Democratic ignorance.

Via The Blaze: