Muslim Brotherhood Spy Ring helping to Coverup Benghazi

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The Muslim Brotherhood spy ring is very real. As reported, evidence strongly suggests that one of its spies was a recipient of what’s become known as the ‘smoking gun’ email obtained by Judicial Watch this week. Mehdi K. Alhassani led Muslim Brotherhood front group in the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at George Washington University. When the Ben Rhodes email containing talking points for Susan Rice’s Sunday show appearances on September 16, 2012, the attack on the Benghazi Compound was to be blamed on the anti-Muhammad video.

This development also resurrects questions about the maker of the film, an alleged Coptic Christian named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who became an informant for Eric Holder’s Justice Department in 2009. Nakoula was given a reduced sentence to help arrest a bigger fish in his fraud schemes. Yet, when that bigger fish was arrested by Canadian authorities in January of 2011, the FBI refused to take him. After seven months of trying, the Canadians sent this Muslim individual back to Palestine.

Therefore, one is justified in wanting to know why Nakoula was given a lighter sentence if the Feds didn’t want to arrest his partner in crime.

Mehdi Alhassani

Mehdi Alhassani


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