Bill Maher: There is no ‘Smoking Gun’ Email in Benghazi Scandal

According to ‘comedian’ Bill Maher, there is no ‘smoking gun’ email in the Benghazi scandal and the attack actually was the result of a video. Maher completely contradicted this blatantly transparent attempt to defend the Obama administration in the same show when he made the argument that ‘Islam is the problem’.

Fortunately, one of the panelists highlighted the absurdity of blaming the video and reminded viewers that Barack Obama’s speech at the UN two weeks after Benghazi, told the world that Islam should not be slandered. Maher obviously disagrees with that last part because he slanders Islam all the time. When he was challenged to make the case that Americans who criticize Islam should be held accountable for the actions of Muslims who are enraged by that criticism, Maher didn’t answer.

Another indefensible assertion by Maher came when he pointed to the thoroughly discredited New York Times piece by David Kirkpatrick last December, as relayed by It was like citing Jayson Blair or Dan Rather to make your case.

First up, Maher still thinks the video is responsible for Benghazi (h/t Breitbart):

During the same show, Maher takes a position completely inconsistent with that one, when he says ‘Islam is the problem’. This means that the video could not have been the problem in Benghazi, right Bill?


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