Hillary Getting Free Pass from Useful Hollywood Idiot Russell Crowe

Liberal Hollywood actor Russell Crowe’s heart is bleeding for the employees of the Beverly Hills Hotel whom he views as ‘collateral damage’ resulting from protesters who have a problem with harsh sharia laws. He’s also trying to play both sides of a political fence. If he were truly interested in a principled stance, he’d call out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose foundation has accepted more than $1 million from the government of Brunei.

Hillary: Getting a pass from Crowe on Brunei.

Hillary: Getting a pass from Crowe on Brunei.

Crowe is taking issue with people who are protesting the Beverly Hills Hotel over the Sultan of Brunei’s ownership stake in it. The protests, led by Jay Leno, had to do with the harsh Sharia laws the Sultan has rolled out in his country of Brunei.

Crowe is expressing strong disagreement with the protesters, not because he agrees with sharia law but because the employees have nothing to do with it and shouldn’t be punished. In one tweet, Crowe referred to these employees as ‘collateral damage’. Aside from the fact that the ‘punishment’ suffered by those employees doesn’t even constitute a drop in the bucket compared to that received by the innocent people on the other end of the Sharia stick, Crowe’s logic should be tested.


As is usually the case with liberals, logic is at best flawed and at worst illogical. Crowe wants to have it both ways. He doesn’t want to be seen as either anti-Left or anti-Sharia. It is Crowe who is actually using these employees as shields.

Let’s take him at his word for a moment, that it’s all about the employees. If that’s the case, why doesn’t he go after Hillary Clinton and demand the Clinton Foundation return its lavish donation from Brunei that was earmarked for the Clinton Library. While he’s at it, Crowe could call attention to the connections Hillary has to Muslim fundamentalists who share views similar to those held by the Sultan.

Last week, Shoebat.com brought you the news that the Sultan of Brunei isn’t just the controversial figure at the center of protests over the Beverly Hills Hotel and his ownership stake in it. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah represents another in an increasingly disturbing line of Muslim fundamentalists with connections to Hillary Clinton.

Demanding that Hillary return the Sharia-tainted money should seem an amenable solution to Crowe.

He won’t do it though. After all, he IS a useful Hollywood idiot.


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