Major Hollywood Actors Conspire with Muslims to Destroy American Civilization

As the result of a shocking sting operation recorded on video, Beverly Hills Hotel has been exposed as the site of another Muslim scandal, this time including Hollywood actors and producers. As has relayed, the Sultan of Brunei’s ownership stake in the hotel has caused problems because the country he leads has enacted harsh sharia laws.

If you still needed evidence before concluding that elite leftists and Muslims are on the same page because they have common cause, the latest video from James O’Keefe – the man who exposed the ACORN scandal in 2009 – should seal the deal. It should also cause true believing leftists to do a little self examination (then again, that would require humility, which is hard to come by in those circles) because the video below proves something else too.

The green movement is just that – a movement to make more green.

To set up the must-watch video below… O’Keefe enlisted a man representing Saudi oil money (Muhammad) and western agents to act as intermediaries with far left Hollywood film producer Josh Tickell. The stated purpose of this engagement was to get Tickell to produce an anti-fracking film that would serve three purposes.

1. It would help to push the left-wing green environmentalist agenda.
2. It would help put pressure on western interests not to seek energy independence (to protect Saudi interests).
3. It would enrich Tickell.

It will become crystal clear after watching this video that everything critical thinking people have suspected of leftists who push the green agenda is true – they’re in it for the money.

And they don’t care if they betray their own country.

Via Hollywood Reporter:


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