Antichrist Nation of Turkey is Advancing its Military Power

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Turkey will this year launch a “national” factory to produce its own warheads, airplane bombs and plastic explosives and soon, the fifth-generation F-35 engine for the most advanced fighter in production anywhere in the world will have the label “made in Turkey”.

An while Turkey makes the engines it will purchase 100 F35 Jets for $16 billion, which had been expected to begin next year.

A statement was released after Defense Industry Executive Committee Meeting, which convened under leadership of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said Turkey’s commitment to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program “continues strong as ever.”

Turkey’s Undersecretary for Defense Industries and American aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney have signed a letter of intent for the establishment of an F-135 engine center for F-35 fighter jets in Turkey.


The deal covers the final assembly, check and maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrades capabilities for the engines in Turkey and has been approved by the U.S. government.

Turkey has recently placed an order for the first two F-35 jets of a fleet of 100 F-35A aircraft, the most advanced fighter anywhere in the world on May 5 of this year.

Lockheed is building three models of the F-35 for the U.S. military and eight countries that helped fund its development: Britain, Canada, Australia, Norway, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands and Denmark.

And now, the Turkish technology and industry minister’s suggestion that the country will attempt to produce its own ammunition has caused concern among some NATO partners that the move could contravene an international treaty.


Western diplomats and military officials remain puzzled over remarks by a Turkish minister that Turkey is set out to produce unspecified types of ammunition.

In a recent speech, Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık said Turkey would launch a “national” factory this year to produce its own “warheads, airplane bombs and plastic explosives.”

He said the new factory would end Turkey’s dependence on foreign suppliers of this type of ammunition.
Just how much plastic explosives Turkey will produce? How about 600 tons a year.

This, regardless that Ammunition factories are subject to the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and buyers need permission from the producing countries to obtain these materials.
“The minister’s statement is not clear for many reasons. We are trying to understand if Turkey is planning to bypass the MTCR. If so, that would be worrying,” said one NATO defense attaché in Ankara.

Another NATO ambassador in Brussels expressed worry in a telephone interview. “We are not sure what kind of ammunition Turkey intends to produce at this new factory, and why it hopes to bypass the MTCR,” the envoy said.

The MTCR was originally established in 1987 by Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Since that time, the number of MTCR partners has increased to a total of 34 countries, all of which have equal standing within the regime. Turkey is a signatory to the treaty.

Turkey is going full-throttle into changing its plowshares and pruning hooks into swords. Science, Industry, and Technology Minister Fikri Isik declared that Ankara will begin indigenously producing weapons.

This has left Western diplomats and military officials (who obviously don’t read their Bibles) “puzzled over Turkey’s intentions”, according to a report on the speech by Hurriyet Daily News.

Plans to purchase missile defense assets from a Chinese company – the integration of which has been described as the equivalent of introducing a hostile virus into NATO’s command and control infrastructure – have progressed despite vociferous criticism from top NATO officials.

Of course, AKP officials have been unreceptive to Western calls to put off the deal, and last October Erdogan lashed out at critics.

Also of concern is the Turkish National Tank Manufacturing Program (MITUP) is moving forward with the prototype of Turkey’s first national tank, the Altay, an advanced third generation main battle tank.

Turkey’s Islamic revolution sparked by Necmettin Erbakan and conceived by Recep Tayyip Erdogan is illuminating. It is the story of a charismatic leader with a methodical plan to unravel a system, a politician cynically using democracy to pursue autocracy.


Western political correctness blinding officials to the Islamist agenda and American diplomats are seemingly more concerned with their post-retirement pocketbooks than with U.S. national security. For Prime Minister Erdogan it is a dream come true. For the next generation of American presidents, diplomats, and generals, it is a disaster.

Turkey’s Islamic revolution began on November 3, 2002, when Erdogan’s Justice and Reconciliation Party (AKP) swept to power in Turkey’s elections. Through a lucky quirk of the Turkish election system, the AKP’s 34 percent total in the popular vote translated into 66 percent of the Parliament’s seats, giving the party absolute control.

Turkey’s anti-Americanism and anti-Israelism, its dictatorship, and the inability of Western officials to acknowledge reality endanger security.

Hard choices lay ahead: as a NATO member, Turkey is privy to U.S. weaponry, tactics, and intelligence.
Erdogan quipped, “‘Democracy is like a streetcar. When you come to your stop, you get off.”
Turkey is in a strategic geographical location between major markets in Europe and major supply sources in further east.

With a gradual power shift in which the US has lost considerable ground while domestic forces, Iran and other major non-regional powers such as China, India, Russia and Turkey are on the rise.

It is not unlikely that Turkey will make an alliance with Iran. The so-called “Iran experts” and “Turkey experts” who see things from an economic prism that is void of the ideological dynamo predicting that Iran is growing increasingly unstable and that Erdogan was on his way out were all wrong. Today, the major victor geo-politically is Turkey (the Leopard) and will soon merge with Iran (the Bear).

The West will soon learn a major disappointment in welcoming Turkey’s Sufist brand of Islam, which was out of fear of the Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist brand.

Understanding the ideology and not economic cooperation is the key in determining friend from foe. While Turkey is Sunni, it’s brand of Islam is different from the Wahhabist which is vehemently anti-Shiite. But Turkey is a different type beast and unlike the Arabs who hate Shiites, it has great reverence to Ali, Hassan and Hussein, the Shiite historic and religious martyrs and icons and is why what is coming ahead is a unity, not animosity between Turkey and Iran.

We expect Turkey to even begin its nuclear advancement working with Japan.

Many evangelical writers have continuously affirmed that the armies of the Antichrist will comprise of armies from the Middle East, China, and Russia. While they are fixated on China, on account of its very strong economy and military formidability, they are not focusing on the country that is not being deemed as a threat in the West, and that is Japan.

As we have said on this site many times, Turkey will eventually become the Antichrist nation, but not without its allies.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, agreed that Japan would be providing Turkey with its second nuclear power plant. The pact also adds that Turkey will be allowed to enrich uranium and extract plutonium, a potential material for nuclear weapons.

This dangerous pact is also another sign of Japan’s reemerging movement to revive imperialism. With these observations, the signs are there that make Japan a potential ally to the coming Ottoman Empire.
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