Muslim Terrorists Increasing because Good Men Doing Nothing or Not Enough

On today’s Ben Barrack show…

Hamas is one of the most familiar faces of Islamic terror groups and the United States under the Barack Obama administration supports it over America and Israel. Words and actions that come out of the administration prove it.

Even the left-wing, mainstream media knows it has been defending an untenable position. Yet, they continue to do so and those who know and ignore the truth about Hamas are letting the terrorists win the propaganda war.

The brother of the President of the United States has joined Hamas in calling for the elimination of Israel and the IRS’s Lois gave him illegal tax-exempt status. It was learned this week that Lerner compared American conservatives to “terrorists” while dismissing the threat of actual terrorists who want to destroy Israel.

In response, the attorney for True the Vote (TTV) had a golden opportunity to provide the American people – via her appearance on the Fox News Channel and in front of Congress – with the perfect example for illustrating the disparity in treatment received by progressive groups and conservative groups by the IRS.

However, TTV attorney Cleta Mitchell chose to take a pass despite having all the evidence that backs up the charges against Lois Lerner as it relates to her very favorable treatment of a group whose leader has extensive connections to Islamic terrorism and the leader of a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

The leader of this group is the brother of the President of the United States.

The question about whether Mitchell knows about this is closed; she does. That has been confirmed. Instead, she is choosing to ignore it.

Mitchell is known to be an activist and conservative attorney who fights tooth and nail for her clients. In the case of TTV v. IRS however, Mitchell is letting her client down and intentionally suppressing evidence that would help her client in the court of public opinion.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough provides another shining example. Instead of getting behind Israel, he has been critical of Israel while diminishing the evil of Hamas and praising the incredibly and deceptively biased reporting of a former Al Jazeera reporter who is now with MSNBC.

To justify being against Israel as it fights Hamas in Gaza, Scarborough actually tried to make the case that if Hamas is destroyed, it will be replaced by a ‘radical Islamist’ group instead of ‘corrupt’ leaders (Hamas graduated from terrorists to corrupt politicians in Scarborough’s mind so that he could go after Israel).

There are good men and women in this country but far too few of them with the power to make a real difference by doing the right thing are choosing inaction or betrayal instead.


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