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Obama Air Strikes on ISIS Show how WRONG people were about Syria

On today’s show… Segment 1: American foreign policy is beyond dysfunctional; it’s schizophrenic. Last year, there was a whole host of Republicans who wanted Obama to launch air strikes against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. The reason? To help the Free Syrian Army (FSA), comprised of ‘moderate’ rebels. In reality, FSA constituted one half of ‘good cop […]

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Rabbi in Miami Murdered, Jihad against Jews has come to America?

Posted by Keith Davies political correspondent for Miami Police say that “they do not believe this was a hate crime” really? There was no theft of property from the Rabbi’s person, then what was the motive? This was most probably an act of hate, few weeks before a synagogue was daubed with swastika and […]

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Catholics Who Died Defending The Jews During Nazism Are ALL GOING TO HELL

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Catholics Who Died Defending The Jews During Nazism Are ALL GOING TO HELL. So proclaimed the strict Calvinist James White, the president of Alpha & Omega Ministries who attacked an article we wrote which expressed a positive view of Catholics helping the Jews during Nazism: So if a Catholic died […]

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ISIS a Common Enemy of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and U.S.

Those who supported the idea of a U.S. air strike on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad – to include Karl Rove, Bill Kristol and everyone else on this list – have major ostrich egg on their faces because they’ve had their heads in the sand for quite some time. Obama’s air strikes in Iraq prove it. The […]

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Why is there No “highway of Hell?”

Keith Davies Political Correspondent for Back in 1991 in the first Gulf war American air power completely decimated Sadam Hussein’s “elite Republican Guard” on their retreat from Kuwauit in what was know as the “highway of Hell”. Here is some video evidence to remind you of what we rightly did to people who rape […]

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