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When Christian Militancy Goes Down, Islam Rises (Bring Back The Crusade!)

By Theodore Shoebat When Christian militancy goes down, Islam rises. We have lost the once fiery spirit of the Crusades, and now Christendom has all but fallen asleep, awaiting to be awakened from this nightmare so that it may live the dream that was once the glory days of Christianity. We know of the atrocities […]

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BOMBSHELL: The Antichrist CONFEDERACY has been announced in Turkey

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) In an amazing coverage that just came out today that was published throughout the Muslim world, including even CNN Arabic Version, The Chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi which his union represents the largest body of Muslim scholars worldwide and on their behalf […]

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ISIS Declares That They Will Invade Jerusalem, The Vatican, And Spain, And Destroy the Christian Cross.

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Walid Shoebat And Theodore Shoebat ISIS has declared in a very recent video that their forces plan on invading Jerusalem, the Vatican, and Spain. The video begins with a presentation of ancient Rome, and the black flag of ISIS replacing a Roman statue, accentuating their aspiration to invade the city, and then […]

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Muslim Children Parade The Heads Of Their Victims, While A Crowd Of Muslim Adults Praise Them

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat The Islamic State social networking site has a photo showing a child holding a severed head amid a gathering of other children, which was tweeted and went viral with an attached phrase that said “This is how the cubs of the Caliphate are raised up”, boasting of […]

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African American Muslim Goes To Syria To Fight For ISIS, Only To Be Killed By Jihadists

By Theodore Shoebat An African American Muslim man named Douglas McArthur McCain left the states and went to Syria to join the Jihad only to be killed by other jihadists. He joined ISIS and participated in a factional battle against a rival jihadist gang, the members of which killed him during the fray. According to […]

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John McCain NEVER met with Caliph Al-Baghdadi and Al-Baghdadi was NEVER a CIA or Mossad Agent and the Vatican is not the Harlot of Babylon

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) No, John McCain never met with Baghdadi and Snowden NEVER said that the CIA and the Mossad trained him and neither did Obama have a ring that says “In the Name Of Allah” on it, Allah which in Arabic does somewhat look like a squiggly and what was on Obama’s […]

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Chuck Noris Fights Against The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Church Norris has recently written an article fighting against the Islamic persecution of Christians. Here are some statements which he wrote in the article: Do routine beheadings really seemed far-fetched — of even children — for such a barbaric group as the Islamic State? Or do we somehow expect this extreme terrorist […]

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Muslims Take Woman, Tie Her Hand To A Car, And Tie Her Leg To Another Car, Hit Their Accelerators, And Split Her In Two

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq, all a part of ISIS, took a woman, a Yazidi, tied her hand to a car, tied her leg to another car, and after hitting the accelerator, split her in two. The horrifying story was recounted by one Hassan, a 22 year old student and Yazidis who witnessed the […]

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Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel Announces Days of Prayer and Fasting for the Persecuted

Walid has spoken at Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel Pastor Jerel Hagerman sent us a video created by his church media ministry to share Good News, we saved 4 more families from slavery in Pakistan on Sunday August 24th, we will have a full report with video testimonies from each family in a couple of days. […]

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Muslim Put Men, Women, And Children In Holes, And Bury Them Alive

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Iraq, all part of ISIS, put men, women and children in holes and buried them alive. The victims were Yazidis. One survivor, named Ali, remembered: We did not understand. Then they started to put people in those holes, those people were alive… After a while we heard gunfire. I can’t […]

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Jordan Cracks Down on Supporters of ISIS

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Amman – Jordanian media announced that the Jordanian security services have arrested 46 members of the Salafist movement during the past two days on charges that they supported the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Daash). In a press release regarding a campaign by the Jordanian government, arrests started […]

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On The Islamic Ruling To “Kill All Americans”

By Walid Shoeat (Shoebat Exclusive) One Muslim cleric named Hussein bin Mahmoud who justified beheading James Foley saying that “Islam is the religion of bloodshed” surely roused me to dig deeper into this mindset from Arabic sources and not only did I find what was said by Geller and Spencer was completely accurate from the […]

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Obama Going Out of His way to Avoid Public Alliance with Bashar al-Assad to Defeat ISIS

The Obama administration is going out of its way to avoid any kind of public admission that it is working with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad to fight ISIS. In reality, the implementation of any serious strategy to defeat ISIS in Syria will require the U.S. to work with Assad. In the case of not just Obama […]

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Pro-Muslim Attackers Assault Jewish Couple in New York City

A Jewish couple was attacked in New York City by pro-Palestinian thugs who appear to have committed a hate crime. According to sources, the couple may have been targeted because the man was wearing a Yarmulke. Via the New York Post (h/t Pamela Geller): A gang of anti-Semitic thugs roughed up a Jewish man and […]

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Nazism returns to Europe in a Big Way – One in six French people say they support ISIS It seems far left whackos and Muslims agree with beheading the Kuffars (us infidels). It looks like Nazism (a leftist ideology) is very popular amongst the French. For the Jews who still live in France here is a serious warning from – GET OUT before it is too late. Two polls released this […]

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Leader of Muslim Civil Rights Group Disgracefully Exploits Michael Brown Funeral in Ferguson

Why did CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad attend the funeral of Michael Brown, who was shot in Ferguson earlier this month? To say Awad had ulterior motives would be an understatement. Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been exploiting race and the civil rights movement to their advantage for decades. If Awad were truly concerned about healing […]

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