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Proof America’s Muslim President LIED about ISIL

Muslim President of the U.S. Barack Obama lied about ISIL. We know this because as a Muslim, he would know the truth about who ISIL is. We also know this because he has access to far more intelligence than those of us who knew who ISIL was with far less information at our disposal. Obama’s […]

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Muslim Imam Angers Italian Government With Islamic Nonsense, The Italians Decide To Throw Him Out Of Their Country

By Theodore Shoebat A imam in Italy named Abd al-Barr al-Rawdhi, made a speech inciting violence against Jews, and the Italian government determined that he was a danger to society and that he will be deported. His remarks can be heard in a film of his speech: The imam said: What is happening in Gaza […]

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Putin Gets Fed Up With Obama Messing With Russia, Shuts Down McDonald’s In His Country

By Theodore Shoebat Four McDonalds have been temporally shut down in Moscow. Russian officials say that their closing has nothing to do with the US sanctions that have recently been imposed on Russia by the Obama administration. But the measure does not seem to be coincidence, nor does the Russian claim that its being done […]

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U.S. about to Formally Align with Bashar al-Assad against ISIS and Politicians just can’t admit they were WRONG

Politicians just hate to admit they were wrong. Exactly one year ago today, they were clamoring for Barack Obama to launch air strikes on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad in response to the chemical attack. Now it appears that the U.S. is considering a covert alliance with Assad to fight ISIS. It no doubt pains the likes […]

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ISIS Are Getting Their Butts Kicked

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) The Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi commandos inflicted heavy losses against ISIS as they took back a number of towns and villages making extensive gains against ISIS in northeastern Iraq while taking back several villages as they surrounded the large ISIS-held town of Jalawla. And the U.S. military said its aircraft […]

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Two Muslims Grab 12 Year Old Christian Girl, And Gang Rape Her In Order To Show “Power Over Christian Girls”

By Theodore Shoebat Two Muslim men in Pakistan gang raped a 12 year old Christian girl in order to show “power over Christian girls”. The Christian girl worked as a maid, alongside her three sisters. As she was leaving for home from work, she was kidnapped by two Muslim men, who then gang raped her. […]

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The Real History of the Crusades

As a Crusade historian, I found the tranquil solitude of the ivory tower shattered by journalists, editors, and talk-show hosts on tight deadlines eager to get the real scoop. What were the Crusades?, they asked. The Islamic world has a just grievance against the West. Doesn’t the present violence, they persisted, have its roots in […]

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Muslim State Senator in Missouri wants Prosecutor who served on ‘Barack Obama Truth Squad’ Off Michael Brown Case

The St. Louis County Attorney at the heart of the latest subtext controversy relative to the Ferguson riots once promoted the Barack Obama Truth Squad. Today, demands from the black community that Robert McCulloch be removed from any case involving the prosecution of Police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, are […]

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Kajieme Powell and Michael Brown Needed Killing

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Stealing is ok, only if you steal donuts “its just donuts … man” and what if you steal diamonds, many will still argue “its just diamonds … man” and if someone even wields a knife at police officers who were called at the scene, the police should not shoot since “he’s […]

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CIA-trained Lt. Col. says ISIS the ‘Antichrist of Terrorist Organizations’

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer appeared on WMAL to talk about the growing threat of ISIS and Barack Obama’s refusal to confront it. At one point, Shaffer referred to ISIS as “the antichrist of terrorist organizations”. This is indeed interesting when one considers the mounting evidence that Turkey has been aiding, abetting, and funding ISIS. Toward […]

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Israel Declassfies Comprehensive, Damning Report on Hamas War Crimes

Below is an amazingly detailed and comprehensive slide slow – to include videos – compiled by the IDF. It shows with ironclad evidence exactly how Hamas uses civilians when fighting Israel. We’ve heard about rockets being fired from civilian areas and seen a few examples but this report should close the book on anyone who […]

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Muslim Brotherhood says that Erdogan is as Great as Moses

By Walid Shoebat (Shobeat Exclusive) When Erdogan was visited by the top Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi he made a major blasphemy, even by Islamic standards; he called Erdogan “a man equal to Moses, the prophet”. Amazed at such sacrilege, Bahgat Albebp, the head of the Islamic Center in the city Leoben Austria […]

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Christian Militancy And The Crusades Are Good, Satanic Muslim Jihad And Islam Are Evil

By Theodore Shoebat Christian militancy and the Crusades are good, satanic jihad and Islam are evil. This is what I have to say to those modern Christians who always ask me, every time I speak of Christian militancy and crusading, “What makes you so different from the Muslims and their jihad?” or to those who […]

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“Moderate” Syrian Insurgents handed American Beheaded Journalist over to ISIS as a Token of Allegiance

h/t Jihad Watch Source According to Syrian sources who have worked previously to locate and rescue kidnapped journalists in Syria, American journalist James Foley, who was beheaded by Islamic State in a video the militant group made public on Tuesday, was most likely used by another guerrilla group as a token of allegiance to […]

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Why The Smartest Conservatives Are NOT THAT SMART

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack (Shoebat Exclusive) Some issues doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. In America we have lots of very smart folks; analysts and experts who always get the ear of the masses. Some of these very ‘smart’ folks, while we were publishing the truth on Syria last year, as […]

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