Gaza UN Rep. Takes out Earpiece to Avoid Answering Questions

When confronted with uncomfortable truths about what is taught to Palestinian children, UN’s Gaza representative Chris Gunness took out his earpiece so he would not hear follow-up questions. As he sat there spewing his unchallenged, unfounded claims, host Shannon Bream was visibly taken aback at the behavior.

Opposite Gunness was human rights attorney Brooke Goldstein who presented fact after fact but Gunness had no interest in hearing them. Instead, he defended Goldstein’s video evidence that Palestinian school children are taught to hate Jews not be denying it but by making a bizarre claim that Jews teach the same curriculum.

Gunness also behaved just as anyone who is busted dead to rights. He smeared his accusers without debunking their evidence. Watch the entire exchange below but the best part starts at about the 5:20 mark, shortly after Goldstein has just outed Gunness’s United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA):

If Gunness looks familiar, you might remember that he was the one who cried on YouTube over Palestinian deaths caused by Hamas that he blamed Israel for:


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