British MP Calls for Town he Represents to be Free of Jews

MP George Galloway is a far left-wing member of UK Parliament who has raised money for Hamas. In a video released recently, he calls for the town of Bradford to become an “Israel free zone”, invoking memories to Nazi Germany. In 2009, Galloway was recorded in a Florida mosque helping to raise tax-free donations for Hamas (h/t Breitbart).

Galloway has held his position as MP since 2012. Making that reality even more disturbing is that in 2009, he was caught raising money for Hamas inside a Florida mosque. He was then caught proudly proclaiming from Gaza that he was “personally” breaking the sanctions that prohibited him from funding the terrorist organization.

Three years later, he was elected to the British Parliament again. Here is the video of Galloway in the Florida mosque (he was also joined by a leader for a Muslim Brotherhood front group Mahdi Bray):


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