“Rescue Christians” Emergency Operation to Save Thousands of Iraqi Christians

A country of 23 million people is the first to lead the way to do what is right regarding the desperate refugee problem in Kurdistan, that country is Australia. It is wonderful that Australia has led by example to open its border and accept 4400 refugees from Iraq, but it is a shame and utter disgrace that America the so-called “leader” of the free world has not announced publicly its willingness to bypass their current UNHCR policy and accept at least 15 times more refugees which would be at least 66,000 (based on the population difference of Australia and USA).

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Importing illegals from Central America is no problem and our lunacy on our Southern border is also importing hundreds if not thousands of Islamic terrorists but Christians suffering as result of our failed policies (both Democrat and Republican) in Iraq and the best we can do is provide air power and humanitarian supplies which are needed but what is needed even more is the hope of a new life for the Christian refugees who cannot continue to live amongst Muslims based on the fanatical element that has taken over Syria and Iraq.

None of our Christian leaders in America are putting any pressure (at least publicly) on the administration to offer sanctuary on the scale needed to save the souls of our Christian brethren. It is time that ordinary Christians make their local Congressional and Federal Senators hear from you. Tea Party activists many who are Christians need to burn the telephone lines of their local districts and when attending town halls making this an issue. Ask your Congressional rep a simple question, what are they doing to prevent another holocaust? Ask your representative to advocate the administration especially if your rep is a Democrat.

The Europeans are playing half fiddle or the chicken and egg theory as several Euro zone countries have stated that will not turn away refugees from Syria or Iraq, but they will not grant a quota like Australia nor will they grant visas to Iraqis or Syrians seeking asylum at consulates/embassies unless they can get to the Euro country in question, but the asylum seeker cannot get their realistically because airplane is the only way and with no visa the airline will not board them so they cannot avail of the offer of asylum, it is like a cruel joke.


We at Rescue Christians and you our loyal readers can bridge this cruel gap. The idea is to provide a large cruise ship to bring thousands of Iraqi Christians to Europe by ship and drop them to different European countries and call Europe’s bluff. The little problem is we need the necessary resources to do this. We estimate the minimum cost to lease a cruise ship that holds 2000 people is about 3 million dollars. These costs include transport within Iraq (internal air), leasing a ship, food, crew, and security and any other expenses that our maritime team will need. That is $1500 a life. Each and every one of you would all pay a ransom of $1500 to save your loved one. Our Christian brethren are our own loved ones based on the faith of a Christian.

We need you to go to your Pastors in churches large and small today and request an emergency event for this Sunday or next to raise funds for this effort. Do not go on your own to see your pastor, call up your Bible study group or other group/ministry within your church and instead of having your bible study or group/meeting this week go as a group and demand (yes I said it, demand) that your church do something as a group to help save our brethren. If a dozen people go as a group it will be very difficult for the Pastor to say no. If it is a yes then immediately get a commitment for this or next Sunday to talk about it from the pulpit and do a special collection. If a thousand churches (there are 500,000 churches in USA alone) and each raised an average of $3000 per church we will have the money to do it. If 10,000 churches did this then it is only 300 dollars a church to save our brethren.

If we can raise this money, the ship we lease it will be named “In HIS Service Ship Raoul Wallenberg.”

We are already on the ground in Iraq already supplying hundreds of families’ support, by next week we will provide food, tents and other supplies to about 5000 people. We would also like to remove them from Iraq with your help. We are in the rescue business not the feeding business. We rescue so Christians can then rebuild their own lives and they should not be subject to long-term handouts.

Click here to donate personally or email us at [email protected] if you need help in getting your church to participate in an event.


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