Ferguson Man would Rather get Beheaded than be told by Police to Stop Walking in Traffic

File this one under People with Firewalls behind their Foreheads and who can’t structure a sentence…

There are actually people walking around in Ferguson wearing t-shirts that say they would rather be stopped by ISIS than by the Ferguson Police. Would love to know if this guy’s willing to trade places with one of the ISIS victims:

This man would rather get beheaded than be told to stop walking in traffic.

This man would rather get beheaded than be told to stop walking in traffic.

It’s worth noting that the shooting of Michael Brown reportedly took place after Brown would not obey officer Darren Wilson’s order to get off the street and onto the sidewalk. Whatever happened after that likely could have been avoided.

With that as your premise, consider the attire being worn by some pedestrians in Ferguson. Aside from it being grammatically incorrect, the message is clear. These human billboards for ISIS would rather get beheaded than obey a Ferguson police officer who is actually looking out for their safety by telling them to do something they should already know how to do – quit walking in the street and get up on the sidewalk.

Note the genius in the shirt above is already on the sidewalk.

The larger issue here is the willingness of many in the black community to be exploited. When it comes to Ferguson, that very thing happened when CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad showed up at Michael Brown’s funeral, as Shoebat.com reported.

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