THE NEXT GENOCIDE OF CHRISTIANS IS BEING PLANNED RIGHT NOW BY TURKEY: The government of Turkey releases online genealogy database to find out the ethnicity of all Turkish citizens. This is being done as part of Turkey’s plans to do genocide on anyone who is ethnically Armenian

By Walid Shoebat

The Turkish government just released an online genealogy archive showing the racial background of Turkish citizens. Its called the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship. Racist comments have already made their presence on social media, with statements like: “Crypto-Armenians, Greek and Jews in the country will now be exposed” and “Traitors will finally learn their lineage”.

There are many Turkish citizens who are ethnic Armenians descended from Armenians who were forced into Islam by the Ottoman Empire. But they are Muslim, why make such an effort to expose their ethnicity? This is about racialist nationalism. Erdogan complained that “We are accused of being Jews, Armenians or Greeks.” Erdogan wants to show the ‘Turkishness’ of his country, even though he is of Georgian ethnicity.

Tayfun Atay, a columnist for Turkey’s daily Cumhuriyet, wrote that he was told never to reveal his Georgian ethnicity: 

“I was advised in a friendly manner not to admit that I am a Georgian. That was the lightest form of pressure. What about those who risk learning they are of Armenian ancestry or a convert? Just think: You think you are a red-blooded Turk but turn out to be a pure-blood Armenian. Imagine the societal repercussions,”

The whole purpose of this genealogy database is to further promote Turkish racialism and eugenics.  Serdar Korucu journalist Serdar Korucu told Al-Monitor:

“If they had done this a few years ago when we were [becoming more tolerant], conspiracy theories would not have been as strong as today, when the state behaves as though we are in a struggle for existence. This is how Turkey reinvigorates the spirit of the Independence War”

Korucu went on to say:

The Turkish state asked us to accept being Turks. Fine, let me say I am a Turk. Will I be given a public job? No. When I say, ‘No, I am an Armenian,’ I am treated as a terrorist. Nothing has changed. Opening of the population registers means nothing to me. How can we forget Yusuf Halacoglu, the director of the Historical Society of Turkey in 2007, who had bluntly threatened, ‘Don’t make me angry. I have a list of converts I can reveal down to their streets and homes.’ These words, by this man who later became a politician in the Nationalist Action Party, were a threat to Turkish politics.”

Why pick on these people if they are Muslim? Because it is not just about Islam, but an ethnocentric ideology of supremacy. This is why all ethnocentric ideologies are dangerous. 

This is another presaging sign of a rising nationalism in Turkey. But its more than this, and it will not stop here. Turkey also has eugenics. What most do not know is that while the Armenian Genocide was done by Islamists, it was orchestrated by the eugenist elites of the Young Turks who believed in Social Darwinism while using Islam to rile up the Turkish masses to slaughter the Christians.

The Ottomans learned this ideology through the teachings of both Haeckel and Herbert Spencer, the one who actually termed the phrase, “survival of the fittest.” Haeckel, alongside his fellow German Darwinists, Max Weber and Paul Von Lilienfeld, applied Social Darwinism to economics, praising the principle of economic competition as the force behind Social Darwinism. From this ideology, militarism and the extinction of those considered as “weaker, primitive races”, was justified in the Social Darwinist construct. This eugenist ideology seeped into Ottoman thought, and greatly inspired the annihilation of the Armenians, alongside the Greek and Assyrian Christians.

The Ottomans, just like the Identitarians of our day, looked to Japan as a prime example of a racially and religiously unified nation. The Ottomans were ashamed that their own empire was too religiously and ethnically diverse, being filled with Christians of Armenian, Greek and Assyrian descent. The Sultan, Abdulhamid II, himself lamented this, and coveted the nation of Japan. The Sultan wrote in 1917:

“I do not know how appropriate it is to compare Ottoman lands to Japan, to expect success from this Sultan similar to that of the Emperor! Japan is a country of islands, tucked away on one side of the Pacific Ocean; it is a great society, ethnically integrated, uni-religious, uni-national. If there is any region in the world that it does not resemble, it is our wretched country. How could I have reconciled the Kurd and the Armenian, the Greek and the Turk, the Arab and the Bulgar? … Never at any time did Mikado Hatsuhito [sic] come up against such obstacles and never did Japan confront such difficulties.”

It was this desire for an ethnocentric, religiously unified and nationalist state, that resonated into the minds of the Young Turks. Though the Sultan believed in this, he did not completely enact it, but it was done by the Young Turks. When the Japanese defeated the Russians in the Russo-Japanese War, and when they conquered China, the Turks saw this as proof of the superiority of the Asian race over the European race. As one article written in 1904, and published on the Young Turk magazine, Sura-yi Ummet, expressed this view:

“Some Europeans and some Ottomans who imitate what they see without understanding, consider us a race in the lower part of the racial hierarchy. Let us say it in plain Turkish: they regard the Turks as second class human beings. Japanese people, being of the stock of the yellow race, are annihilating the slander against nature with the progress in their country and with their cannons and rifles in Manchuria.”

The Japanese slaughter of the Russians and the Chinese, were viewed as a sign of racial superiority, by the Ottomans. The popular perspective of neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists is that Japan is a great example of a homogeneous society, one worthy of emulation. This perspective was as well adopted by the Young Turks. The Young Turk magazine, Turk, praised the “homogeneous” society and the fanatic nationalism of Japan:

“…in all [its] natural disposition and knowledge a homogeneous people that from end to end is touched by the same sentiments, pursues the same hopes. They love the homeland, with zeal fall victim for the sake of the homeland, in an instant they sacrifice lives for honor and dignity, lives that they sincerely loved and appreciated. They never fear death.” (106)

The fascination with Japan and its nationalism by the Ottoman Empire will be, I believe, continuing into the future, and will help motivate and facilitate an Ottoman Japanese alliance.   The Young Turks revered the Japanese for their barbarism (giving them the title, with pride, of “barbarians”), their callousness while conducting massacres, and also for the love of patriotism. In the Sura-yi Ummet it reads a praise to the Japanese:

“Behold the work of these barbarians … they whose civilization, achieved in half a century, has become superior to European civilization which has fallen into decay; they who do not have to reproach massacres, who do not have to gag any mouths out of which a liberal word came, who do not have to exile or suppress patriots, who do not have to dynamite any human beings under the pretext that their skin was dark and that it constituted a happy pastime!”

While we talk about eugenics as a Western problem, what nobody is pointing out is that Turkey (even though it is a Muslim country) is also heavily interested in eugenics. This is because, while it is deeply Islamic, it accepts theistic evolution.

In 2015, a team of Turkish scientists did an experiment on aborted human babies. The use of the murdered human embryos was accepted by the Ethics Committee of Celal Bayar University, indicating that such experiments are allowed by the government of Turkey. A document authored by the scientists recounts:

“The endometrial tissue samples of 15 unwanted pregnancies (5–10 weeks’ gestational age) and 19 missed abortions (6–11 weeks’ gestational age) were obtained with informed consent and in accordance with the requirements of the Ethics Committee of Celal Bayar University. The mean age of the women in the normal pregnancy group was 27.53 years, and the range was 21–37 years. The mean age of the missed abortion group was 28.74 years, and the range was 18–41 years. The abortions were diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasound and confirmed by repeat ultrasound prior to the dilation and curettage procedure.”

One of the scientists who headed the experiment was Dr. Coşkun Atay of Izmir University of Economics, who is a member of TÜBİTAK, or the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, which is the scientific and technological wing of the Turkish government. Essentially, TÜBİTAK is the Max Planck Institute of Turkey. What makes this even more significant is that TUBITAK is also responsible for all nuclear technology development in Turkey. So, not only are they involved in eugenics, but making Turkey into a nuclear power.

One of the scientists who headed the experiment described above was Dr. Tayfun Özçelik, professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Bilkent University in Ankara. Tayfun·is the winner of the 2012 TÜBİTAK Science Award. Both TUBITAK and the European Molecular Biology Organization funded a scientific studyof Tayfun’s on “Uner Tan syndrome,” which, in his own words, “is associated with cerebellar ataxia, mental retardation and disequilibrium syndrome”. Tufay’s writing on Uner Tan syndrome references a piece by the Turkish scientist Uner Tan (after whom the syndrome is named), in which he describes people who suffer under this condition as being backwards in the process of human evolution:

“The genetic nature of this syndrome suggests a backward stage in human evolution”   

The same document contains an account written by Turkish scientists from the Medical Genetics Department at Kocaeli University, on an experiment that they conducted entitled, Amniocentesis after established carrier status of balanced structural chromosome abnormality. In this account it describes the use of murdered unborn babies, who were killed because they had abnormalities, in order to test methods on how to detect physical deformities in human embryos. The account states:

“Materials included nine fetal tissues which are from terminated pregnancies that are diagnosed in Gynecology and Pathology departments of Kocaeli Medical Faculty. Whole genome analysis was performed in Medical Genetic Department of Kocaeli Medical Faculty. …  We confirmed the abnormalities of fetal tissues with parental chromosome analysis.”

These scientists are bent on detecting physical abnormalities because, no doubt, they want to exterminate them. Its the Young Turks type of eugenics in continuation, and the next genocide that will be done by Turkey will be for more horrific than the Armenian Genocide. One of the scientists who headed the human experiment in the Kocaeli lab was Seda Eren Keskin, a Turkish scientist who is under TUBITAK. In a 2015 report written for the Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences (the official publication of TUBITAK), Keskin advocated for faster ways to detect retardation in unborn children, because, as he says, if a pregnant woman has her unborn baby checked for abnormalities later in development, abortion (what he calls “termination”) is more difficult to perform. As Keskin recounts of his experiment:

“The anxiety levels of the expectant mothers undergoing applied amniocentesis increased during this period. Moreover, time is of great importance in the later gestational weeks, because termination becomes harder in the case of a possible anomaly if amniocentesis is applied in this period. Therefore, techniques to get results more rapidly have been developed. Quicker methods, requiring less endeavor, are needed for microscopic karyotype analysis in order to obtain results within the targeted period in prenatal tests.”    

When Keskin writes “anomaly,” he is referring to retardation. He wants to develop faster way of prenatally detecting abnormalities to make the process of killing in the slaughter mills of abortion more convenient. The title of the report has the presumptuous title of, “Investigation of the diagnostic value of chromosome analysis and bacterial artificial chromosome-based array comparative genomic hybridization in prenatal diagnosis”. Translation: ‘How we can find retarded children easier to kill them more conveniently.’ The devisers of genocide hide their evil behind complicated words.

The study was done by scientists under the Turkish government, and we must ask ourselves why would the state of Turkey be interested in how to detect retarded children faster to kill them easier? It all goes back to the Ottoman nationalist objective of creating a pure Turkish race. The Ottoman Darwinist, “Devlet Matbaasi, wrote:

“The Turkish race of which we are proud to belong has a distinguished place amongst the best, strongest, most intelligent and most competent races in the world. Our duty is to preserve the essential qualities and virtues of the Turkish race and to confirm that we deserve to be members of this race. For that reason, one of our primary national duties is to adhere to the principle of leading physically and spiritually worthwhile lives by protecting ourselves from the perils of ill health, and by applying the knowledge of biology to our lives. The future of our Turkey will depend on the breeding of high valued Turkish progeny in the families that today’s youth will form in the future.”

And if you think that this is all history, just recently Erdogan appointed Ismet Yilmaz to be Turkey’s Education Minister. Yilmaz stated that evolution “is a theory, a valid one,” and in one of his latest interviews, he said:

“We are not against evolution. If science says something, it is impossible to resist it. Also, the subjects on inheritance, mutation, modification and adaptation are still present in the curriculum. These are all within the theory of evolution”

It is true that Turkey has regulations on abortion, but its not for reasons of being “pro life” as many would assume in the United States. The Turkish government does not want abortions for healthy children, but allows abortion for embryos with defects, and it permits women who can prove a history of mental illness to have abortions. This is all allowed to keep the Turkish race “pure” of biological abnormalities. In one essay that talks about Turkey’s 1965 regulation on abortion, it reads:

“The 1965 Law allowed addressing these “concerns” in that the law and the regulation on abortion exemptions which went into effect in 1967 state, diseases or mental disorders which could be transferred to the future generations as well as the potential of the child having mental retardation, and the mother having been exposed to X-rays or cortisone treatments could be used as a reason to have a legal abortion. In other words, abortion exemptions in the law passed without any contention also because these exemptions addressed eugenic ‘threats’ and allowed abortion to be used as an eugenic tool.”

In the revived Ottoman Empire, we will see the union between Islamism, nationalism and Darwinism.