Poland And Lithuania Declare “When We Were Together When We Cooperated, We Had Strength. You Have To Go Back To Such Traditions”- They Are Doing This Because They Know That War Is Coming

On the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Reconstruction of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania, Poland and Lithuania held a joint meeting in Warsaw. They declared their centuries-old relationship with each other and said that “when we were together when we cooperated, we had strength. You have to go back to such traditions”-

History, our nations alternately connected and divided, but all the time was more common in it than the one sharing – said Viktoras Pranckietis today in the Sejm. The chairman of the Lithuanian Seimas came to Warsaw in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Reconstruction of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania.

The main point of his visit was today’s speech in the Plenary Hall. It was the first in the 21st century speech of the chairman of the parliament of another country at the Chamber’s meeting. President Pranckietis spoke with optimism about the future of Polish-Lithuanian parliamentary cooperation in the face of this year’s jubilee of the independence anniversary of both countries and in connection with the upcoming 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin, which falls in 2019.

– I am convinced that our countries and nations will continue to cooperate actively, and if necessary we will be ready together to defend our freedom and independence. Let Poland and Lithuania, free, democratic and independent countries live in a European family – said President Pranckietis.

After the speech of Viktoras Pranckietis and the Speaker of the Sejm, Marek Kuchciński met with representatives of the media. The Marshal thanked Chairman Seimas for coming to Poland and remarked that it was the fourth meeting of both politicians. He also stressed the symbolic importance of his parliamentary speech due to the centuries-long tradition of cooperation between Poland and Lithuania. – Drawing our conclusions from the centuries-old past of our countries one can say that when we were together when we cooperated, we had strength. You have to go back to such traditions – the marshal said and added that together with the Senate Speaker Stanisław Karczewski they will go to Vilnius to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lithuania’s independence.

The day before, on Wednesday evening, the chairman of Pranckietis together with Marshal Kuchciński took part in the solemn concert of the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra at the National Philharmonic. In turn, in September last year, the Speaker of the Sejm paid a visit to Vilnius. At that time Marek Kuchciński appeared at the plenary meeting of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. He spoke about the importance of the alliance of both countries and the value of cooperation between Warsaw and Vilnius. (source)

Poland was once upon a time a great imperial power in eastern Europe. At her height, she was known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and controlled Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, most of Estonia and Ukraine, and parts of western Russia, including the historical German territory of Königsberg (today Kaliningrad, Russia).

Poland’s survival is also miraculous, as from the 18th to the 20th century she was ripped apart by the Russia, German (then Prussian), and the Austro-Hungarian Empires. She ceased to exist as a nation by 1795, and was not recognized as a country again until 1918 following the First World War. Even after she was given her independence, Poland still had to fight against now Soviet Russia, and her freedom was not secured until following the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 in which between 10,000 to 25,000 Soviet soldiers were killed (compared to a loss of 4500 Poles) and around 90,000 Soviets captured or wounded.

Poland had been a nation for scarcely two decades when Germany under the direction of Hitler invaded Poland and turned her into a slave for his Reich. Since the official position of the Reich was to focus on “racial purity” and viewed the Slavic people as subhuman mongrels good for nothing but experiments, millions of Poles perished in German Death Camps along with other people viewed as “inferior” or “subhuman.”

After World War II, Poland was betrayed again by the Allies as they allowed for the Soviet Union to sweep into eastern Europe and consume many of the territories that they fought the National Socialists in. It was a different form of bondage but still slavery. She would not get her independence again until 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the impending breakup of the Soviet Union.

Poland is now on her Third Republic and has been so for three decades, and many Poles want to maintain it so. Consider that by 1772, which was the year of the First Partition of Poland, America did not even exist as a country, and the Revolutionary War was still three years away. George Washington was still President (he did not leave office until 1797) when Poland ceased to exist as a nation. Within the last 223 years from 1795 until 2018, Poland has only been independent for 50 years broken up into two periods- one for 21 years (the second republic) and the current for 29 years (the third republic). All of the time in between Poland either did not exist, was dominated by another, or was in a state of active war.

Poland is not stupid either. She is caught in a geopolitically difficult situation, as her western neighbor is Germany and her eastern neighbor is Russia, both who are great nations with imperial histories and who fight with each other regularly and Poland is the area in which they fight in. A conflict in either nation inevitably spills over into her, and when the two fight, she will be destroyed.

Given her history and geopolitical situation, it is in Poland’s interest to form herself into as much of a “buffer zone” as possible in order to keep her own society together. The way for Poland to do this is to do what she did in the past, which is to ally with the few friends she has in the area and work together on military cooperation to keep Germany as much as possible in Germany and Russia as much as possible in Russia. Poland is not going to attempt to creating an empire here- she is a powerful and rising nation, but not as strong as either Germany or Russia. Her purpose is to ensure her own survival, hence why in the statement with Lithuania, she mentioned that the two nations would live “in a European family”.

Poland’s desire for peace goes against the wishes of the Germany, Israel, and the USA. The USA has made very clear that she wants a conflict with Russia because she views Russia as a nation in decline owing to her many internal and external problems. The USA has been trying to provoke Russia into a fight by her actions, most notably with her invasion of Ukraine, putting US Naval vessels in the Black Sea, giving weapons to Turkey to shoot at Russian targets, and attacking Russian military positions in Syria. Germany wants a war because she wants to bring back her old empire, and has been working with the USA to do so through the national socialist movements that have been directly funded and backed by NATO in Operation Gladio, which began the same year the CIA was created and has continued since. Israel has an interest in a war because she will financially benefit from conflict through the financial and military-industrial complexes that she has tied to through the USA.


Consider the current situation with Israel and Poland. It seems less than co-incidental that it comes at a time Trump has made unprecedented moves in favor of Israel and Japan. In the case of Israel, by saying that Jerusalem is her capital, it signals a departure from previous policies in that instead of America attempting to play the role of “moderator” in the situation between Israel and Palestine, it indicates that America has “taken the side” of Israel in this major issue. Likewise, it is an acknowledged fact that the term “Polish death camps” is not only historically inaccurate, but is it outright National Socialist propaganda, created by the Nazi Alfred Benzinger who later worked with Operation 114, a Gladio program in West Germany.

To say that there were “Polish death camps” is to support outright Nazi propaganda, and the Israeli government, who speaks so often of the Holocaust, is now openly denying historical fact and spreading the propaganda from the very same National Socialists who they so claim to hate.

While details in situations of politics and arguments between people are not always clear, it seems that the passing of this law was spurned by Israel taking a lesson from the Nazi Joseph Goebbels, who said that “a lie told enough times becomes a truth.” Poland, responding to the legitimate and serious historical lie being put against her, is now being presented as “anti-semitism” by Israel, who is making a host of threats against Poland. Poland, to her credit, has not backed down and has stood her ground.

But the threats are not meant to end there. As noted earlier, this is about the revival of ethnic nationalism and profiting off from starting another war. Just today as well, the European Union- another word for “Germany”- has overwhelmingly voted to take “punitive measures” against Poland while “reassuring Israel”-

EU lawmakers on Thursday supported the European Commission’s plans to take unprecedented punitive steps against Poland over reforms of its judiciary and state media that they say threaten the rule of law in the ex-communist country.

In a further sign of Warsaw’s deepening international isolation, a new Holocaust law that has angered Israel and the United States, Poland’s close NATO ally, came into force on Thursday. The law imposes jail sentences of up to three years for saying Poland was complicit in Nazi German crimes.

The European Union’s executive Commission has recommended a procedure that could theoretically lead to Poland losing its voting rights in the EU unless it concedes ground by March 20 on the issue of political control of the judiciary.

The European Parliament voted on Thursday 422 in favour to 147 against, with 48 abstentions, on a non-binding resolution to support the Commission’s tough stance towards Poland.

The vote adds to pressure from Western European governments who have told Poland, once an earnest champion of democratic changes after the fall of communism, that time is running out for it to address their concerns over democratic freedoms.

Poland’s nationalist ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) says its reforms are an internal matter and are needed because the courts are inefficient and steeped in a communist era-mentality.

Its new prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has sought to soothe the tensions since the start of this year and is due to meet Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker again on March 8.

Stripping Poland of its EU voting rights remains unlikely because it would require unanimity among all other EU governments and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, himself seen by the EU as weakening democratic checks and balances, has promised to block any such action against his Polish ally.

But it would be politically very embarrassing for Poland if the EU ever comes to vote on sanctions, even with a Hungarian veto.

The dispute could also prompt member states to cut funds allocated to Poland in the next EU budget that runs from 2021. Poland is currently the biggest beneficiary of EU handouts for infrastructure and other projects.


Meanwhile, a Polish delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Bartosz Cichocki held talks in Israel on Thursday in an effort to defuse the row over Poland’s new Holocaust law.

Israel and the United States say the law could criminalize truthful scholarship on the role some Poles played in German crimes. Opponents accuse PiS of politicizing World War Two to build a nationalist sense of grievance among Poles.

PiS, which sees Poland solely as a victim of Nazi German aggression, says the law is needed to protect national honour.

“We are here ready and open to answer all the questions and to clarify whatever is left to be clarified with regard to the anti-defamation law recently amended in Poland,” Chicocki told his Israeli hosts in Jerusalem.

Israeli Foreign Ministry director-general Yuval Rotem replied: “We must make sure that historical truths are preserved and that there will be no restriction on the freedom of research and speech…” (source)

What exactly does Germany need to “reassure” Israel about? That she is OK to use Germany’s patented National Socialist (r)(tm) propaganda?

Make no mistake, there are many Jews of good will both in Israel and abroad who are very upset about this law as well. The head Rabbi for Poland has come out and demanded that Israel stop making “horrifying and false claims” about Poland because they are just plain lies:

Likewise, as we at Shoebat.com have pointed out in addition to many Israelis, Jews, Poles, and other people of good will, that there were MANY Jews who were National Socialists. For example, in addition to individual and the infamous “Judenrat” there was a group called Group 13 or “the thirteen” and was regarded by the National Socialists themselves as the “Jewish Gestapo,” as they reported directly to the Gestapo. This group, under Abraham Gancwajch, terrorized Jews and Poles alike, and after his unit was destroyed by the Nazis, he STILL worked for the Nazis as an informer against other Jews:

Abraham Gancwajch, a Jew who ran the “Jewish Gestapo” that turned countless Poles and Jews over to their deaths. There were many Jews like him under the Reich.

As the Polish government has repeated over and over, there were individual Poles, Jews, and Germans of good will as well as of bad will in the Second World War. However, the fact is that the Polish government did not create a systematic plan to wipe out entire groups of people, nor was the Polish government involved in systematic human experimentation, bizarre forms of torture for “science,” or work camp. There is a reason that Auschwitz had the words “ARBEIT MACHT FREI” and not “Praca czyni wolnym” on the gates:

This is GERMAN, NOT Polish

Likewise, there were many, many Poles who helped to save Jews. One such example is Witold Pilecki, who snuck into Auschwitz and not only helped people, but transmitted some of the first intelligence and accounts of what was happening under the National Socialists and encouraged the Americans and British to bomb the camps because of the horrors of what was happening. However, the Americans and British refused:

“The underground army was completely in disbelief about the horrors,” Storozynski explains. “About ovens, about gas chambers, about injections to murder people — people didn’t believe him. They thought he was exaggerating.”

Pilecki also hoped to organize an attack and mass escape from the camp. But no order could be procured for such a plan from Polish high command.
“We were waiting for an order, as we understood that without such one — although it would be a beautiful firework and unexpected for the world and for Poland — we could not agree to do that,” Pilecki wrote.

For the next two and a half years, Pilecki slowly worked to feed his reports up the Polish chain of command to London.

“And in London,” Storozynski says, “the Polish government in exile told the British and the Americans, ‘You need to do something. You need to bomb the train tracks going to these camps. Or we have all these Polish paratroopers — drop them inside the camp. Let them help these people break out.’ But the British and the Americans just wouldn’t do anything.” (source)

Yes, that is correct- the Polish told the Americans and British about what was happening and tried to get them to help, but they refused to because as we know later, they were just as guilty as the Nazis, for they wanted the data from the human experiments but did not want to be directly complicit in committing them.

Witold Pilecki, Polish Freedom Fighter who saved Jews and Poles alike.

Perhaps the sickest irony of Pilecki’s story is that he was sent to Mokotow Prison after the war, having been captured by the Soviet Communists on charges of “treason” and personally executed by Piotr Smietanski, who was also a Jew who even presented himself to look like Adolf Hitler:

Piotr Smietanski, a Jew who murdered a Pole that helped save fellow Jews from the Germans

If this is not bad enough, consider that Smietanski was a member of the Urząd Bezpieczeństwa, or the “Security Office” specifically for Poland under Soviet occupied rule, which was the largest of such police forces in Polish history and also the most repressive and brutal, comparable to the Stasi of East Germany. The head of the Polish Security Office was Jakub Berman, a Jew who saw to the imprisonment of hundreds and possibly thousands of Polish resistance fighters who fought against the Nazis.

Jakub Berman, a Jew who organized sham trials and had hundreds of Polish patriots who saved Jews like him from the Nazis imprisoned or put to death

Many of the people who the “Security Office” captured were also tortured in horrible ways. One of the worst torturers was a Jewish woman named Julia Brystiger. Said to be “obsessed with genitalia” and that torturing people ‘aroused her libido’, she specialized in torturing priests, resistance fighters, and members of the Polish intelligensia, which she believed needed to be wiped out in order to build a perfect socialist state.

Brystiger personally oversaw the first stages of each UB investigation at her place of employment. She would torture the captured persons using her own methods such as whipping male victims’ genitals. One of her victims was a man named Szafarzynski – from the Olsztyn office of the Polish People’s Party – who died as a result of interrogation carried out by Brystygier. One of the victims of her interrogation methods testified later: “She is a murderous monster, worse than German female guards of the concentration camps”. Anna Roszkiewicz–Litwiniwiczowa, a former soldier of the Home Army, said about Brystygier: “She was famous for her sadistic tortures; she seemed to have been obsessed with sadistic treatment of genitalia and was fulfilling her libido in that way” (source)

Julia Brystiger

Julia Brystiger, who might be likened to a female and Jewish version of the Japanese Shiro Ishii, thankfully followed in his footsteps and eventually renounced her past ways and embraced the Catholic Faith.

Again, it is important to remember that there were good and people on both sides in the war, and that such is not defined by race or national association, but by the lives they lived. Just because a person was a Pole, Jew, or German does not make him a good or a bad person. It is important to acknowledge the good and bad on both sides. Yet this is what the “controversy” between Israel and Poland is, because Poland is attempting to acknowledge the good AND the bad on both sides, but Israel, in addition to using Nazi propaganda to spread proven lies, is seeking to polarize the event by placing ALL blame on the Polish and then not just refusing to acknowledge Jewish complicity, but that by  admitting the historical fact that there were Jews who supported the Nazis are “bad people” and must be castigated and punished.

As noted above with Pilecki, the American and the British were told about the horrors of the German death camps, and they persistently refused to intervene. This is important because just as in the past, the Americans are critical to all of this because the American government is equally seeking to profit from this controversy as they are likely one of the architects. Just recently- under PRESDIENT TRUMP- the US government has suspended all relations with Poland until the “crisis with Israel is solved”:

The American government issued an ultimatum to Warsaw. The representative of the Polish authorities cannot meet President Trump, Vice President Pence or any other American official until the crisis of the Polish-Israeli relations is solved as Onet.pl reported.

The sources of the title connected with the Polish diplomatic communities reported that all meetings at the highest level were frozen and the demands of the US are unambiguous enough.

Poland takes the chairmanship in the UN Security Council since May and it was planned that Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland and Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister will pay the official visits to the US. The Foreign Ministry of Poland considered this visit as the most important diplomatic event of the year and put prominent efforts to organize the meetings with President Trump and Vice President Pence. However, the White House signaled due to the Polish-Israeli crisis.

‘The Americans reported us in a delicate manner that there will be a problem with the organization of the meeting with the U.S. senior-most officials’, the source reported.

The Polish mass media also reminded that President Duda visited South Korea due to the 2018 Winter Olympics at the beginning of February and attempted to meet Mike Pence, the U.S. Vice President but the meeting was not organized.

The Polish authorities did not officially comment the situation.

As we reported the law on Institute of National Remembrance of Poland that extends the authorities of the establishment in the investigation of the crimes committed against the Poles came into force in Poland on March 1. (source)

There is no crisis here- the only nation here having an anxiety attack is Israel, and their anxiety is over the fact that Israel been caught using propaganda created by Nazis to spread an absolute lie about Poland and Poland refuses to back down, and now the USA’s position in this is saying that Israel can lie and that Poland must submit to her lies.

Poland is in a difficult situation right now because she has been host to many NATO exercises, and has willingly allowed her nation to be used by the USA for military operations for well over a decade. Remember that some of the famous CIA “black sites” were in Poland, of which the nation has since “regretted” allowing this to happen:

“We might have to pay compensation even though our personnel did nothing wrong,” Sikorski said of the detention operation handled by CIA agents and contractors. “You can imagine how Polish people feel about it…. We just wish that intelligence matters were kept confidential.”

Others say the sting of betrayal is still felt among the people and officials alike, and that their affinity for American culture and values has been diminished.

“This left bad feelings on our side. We are a small country that was badly treated by a great power,” said Tadeusz Chabiera, a founder of the Euroatlantic Assn. think tank in Warsaw and one of the brokers of Poland’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The scandal that has unfolded piecemeal over the last decade has inflicted damage on the U.S.-Polish relationship, he and other analysts say, because of the memories it has evoked of Warsaw’s subservient role during nearly half a century of Soviet domination. (source)

What this appears to be is that the USA, in true American form, is doing what she does best, which is to try to force her allies to do things that ultimately hurt them and when they refuse, to turn against them. The USA has been backing Poland at the same time it is Germany and Israel, and also Turkey, for it was the Americans through Gladio that rebuilt the Turkish military in order for it to be a “hedge” against Russia.

None of these things are in Poland’s long-term interest. Poland doesn’t want to be invaded by Russia, Germany, or Turkey. She wants peace. Germany does not want peace- she wants empire- and so does Turkey. This was likewise the reason, as we have noted, behind the refugee crisis, for by destabilizing Europe and encouraging a rise in nationalism, it could be translated into a renewed militarism.

Just like the “refugee crisis,” the “Polish law crisis” is a manufactured crisis that has nothing to do with the actual truth of what happened, and as it shows, that people in power will go so far as to try to blatantly lie and re-write history in order to serve their own selfish ends if they think it is necessary.

This is the reason why Poland today reached out to Lithuania. They know that war is coming. They know that Germany is going to attack them, that the USA has betrayed them, that Turkey is laying in wait for them, and that Israel is a willing partner in furthering the destabilization because this in not about truth. This is about making money for the military-industrial complex, the financial sector, and those in government who facilitate their acquisition of power at the expense of humanity.

It is the Thirty Years War all over again.