Major atheist leader, Richard Dawkins, declares: ‘We must overcome our taboo against cannibalism. I am looking forward to eating human flesh.’

By Theodore Shoebat

Famous atheist leader, Richard Dawkins, is yet again advocating for the consumption of human flesh, or cannibalism. In a tweet that he made recently, he said:

Tissue culture “clean meat” already in 2018? I’ve long been looking forward to this. … What if human meat is grown? Could we overcome our taboo against cannibalism? An interesting test case for consequentialist morality versus “yuck reaction” absolutism.

This all proves what Christians have been saying for a very long time: if you believe that there is “no God,” then you can justify any evil. Hence the wisdom of David:

The fool has said in his heart,
There is no God.”
They are corrupt,
They have done abominable works,
There is none who does good. (Psalm 14:1) 

Truly, the ways of the atheist lead only to destruction. Just look at how many tens of millions have been slaughtered under the atheist regimes. I don’t even know why atheism is considered to be as deserving of protection under “free speech.” Atheism needs to be uprooted and destroyed as an enemy to the civility of human society.

All of this garbage of “well if the human flesh is grown its okay to eat it” is just a cover up for a greater evils. And yes, the “slippery slope” argument that atheists love to mock is a very reasonable observation. If you allow one evil, it will only lead to more evils. Revolt leads to more revolt. First it will be ‘lab grown’ flesh, and then it will be eating the flesh of the dead, and then it will be the consumption of the flesh of criminals, and then before you know it, they will be farming human beings to be eaten. Human beings, left to the influences of the diabolical, will never end in their pursuit for the most deplorable, cruel and despotic of actions.

Just look at 18th century France. This country is still praised as the motherland of the farce called “the Enlightenment,” and it provided the ideological underpinnings for the French Revolution. And what happened? The rebels slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people in France because they were Catholic (as was the case in the extermination of the Vendee people), or because they were “counter-revolutionary.” Cannibalism also took place in the French Revolution. Mme. Roland, an adamant supporter of the revolution, whose husband was France’s Minister of the Interior, was herself horrified and recounted the cruelty done by the rebels:

“Women were brutally violated before being torn to pieces by those tigers; intestines cut out and worn as turbans; bleeding human flesh devoured.”

The evils of the French Revolution happened during a violent surge in French nationalism. The French Revolution was fueled by French nationalist ideas that were promulgated by the Enlightenment. One of the main philosophers behind the revolution, Jean Jacques Rousseau, wrote his complaint, that “the Gospel doesn’t establish any national religion,” and went on to say that “national divisions led to polytheism,” and this same French anti-Catholic expressed his protest against Christ Who he accused of “separating the theological from the political system,” and through the Christian Faith, “destroyed the unity of the state, and caused the internal divisions that have never ceased to trouble Christian peoples.”

Joseph de Maistre, one of the greatest of Catholic thinkers, lived through the French Revolution, and wrote that it took place in the midst of the worship of the “fatherland,” and of an atmosphere in which every evil and crime was praised:

“It is a time when love of the fatherland is a religion and respect for the laws a superstition, a time of sturdy character and austere morals, when every virtue flourishes at the same time, when factions benefit the fatherland because they fight only for the honour of serving it, when everything, even crimes, carries the mark of greatness.” (De Maistre, Considerations on France, ch. 4)

If the forces of atheism get their way, they will slaughter Christians and make mountains of dead bodies, as they did in the communist regimes, or as the deists did in the French Revolution. As de Maistre recounts:

“There are no longer any priests; they have been exiled, slaughtered and debased; they have been despoiled, and those who have escaped the guillotine, the stake, daggers, fusillades, drownings, and deportation today receive the alms that formerly they themselves gave. You feared the force of custom, the ascendancy of authority, the illusions of the imagination. None of these things are left; there are no more customs, there no more masters, each man’s mind is his own. Philosophy having corroded the cement that united men, there are no longer any moral bonds.” (Ibid, ch. 5)

With atheism, there are no moral bonds, and the gravest of evils — even that of cannibalism — can be justified through sophism. In the world of secularism, sophism reigns. When Cortez went before the chiefs of Xalacingo, he told them to “put an end to human sacrifices and the eating of human flesh,” (See Diaz, The Conquest of New Spain) but the evil sophists of our time say ‘No!’ to Catholic wisdom, and desire to go back to the very savagery that the warriors of God fought and died to end.

In December of 2016, Scientific America published an article entitled, What Does a Human Taste Like? in which they interviewed Bill Schutt, a cannibal and promoter of cannibalism. In the interview, Schutt brags about eating a placenta saying:

I went down and visited Claire Rembis and her husband in Plano, Texas, who are preparing placentas in every number of different ways: in tinctures, powdered in a capsule and ground up to put in a smoothie. I went down with all these preconceived notions about how little science there was to back this up, but then I fell in love with her and her family. She understands there’s probably a great deal of placebo effect involved, but after her first seven kids she was having severe baby blues. Someone had told her about eating her own placenta; she tried it and convinced herself that she felt better. … You know, I’m not sure I want to give it away. But they asked me how I wanted it prepared—either Tex-Mex or osso bucco. Being half Italian, I went with placenta Italiana. A lot of people have claimed that it tastes like pork or veal, and everything tastes like chicken, I guess. To me, it didn’t taste like any of those. And I’ll tell you, I cleaned my plate. It’s something I’ll never forget.

Look at what they are promoting here: powdered placentas, and the consumption of placentas. This is the type of evils that are done in the occult, with the belief in “placenta magic” that occultists have. Anyone who eats human flesh and takes pleasure in it, and promotes cannibalism, is worthy of death. Hence the wise Solomon wrote:

You hated the people who lived in your holy land long ago, because they did horrible things: they practiced magic and conducted unholy worship; they killed children without mercy and ate the flesh and blood of human beings. They were initiated into secret rituals in which parents murdered their own defenseless children. It was your will for our ancestors to destroy these people, so that the land which you consider the most precious of all lands would be a suitable home for your people. (Wisdom 12:3-7)

We read such a verse and express our adversity towards customs, traditions and taboos. When in reality all of the efforts against Christianity, is an attempt to replace the faith with a new religion which will have its own customs, and its own traditions, its own priests and prophets, and like the prophets of Baal they will slay and persecute the ones who give the Sacrament to the people. For all of this evil — this demonic advocacy of cannibalism — is a movement that wants to create its own sacramentalism. Instead of the Flesh of Christ, they want to consume the flesh of their fellow man; instead of the Chalice, they would have us drink the blood of human victims. Remove the Catholic Sacraments, and you will have the sacraments of philosophers, of sophists, of demons, carried aloft on the altar of darkness — the altar of Cain — under which will lie the graves of the innocent. Mankind will always have sacraments, the choice is whether or not you want the Sacrament of God, or the sacrament of despotism.