President Trump Marks Historic Meeting With North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un- This Is Not A Surprise At All, Just A Continuation Of A Long-Established Policy

In a sudden announcement, President Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who famously has threatened the USA and Japan with nuclear weapons, has reached out to and is planning a historic meeting with President Trump later this year:

President Trump on Friday pledged that a planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would happen at an as-yet undetermined time and place and signaled a deal “is very much in the making.”

His tweet came hours after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters in a press briefing that the meeting would be dependent on North Korea taking “concrete and verifiable steps.”

“The deal with North Korea is very much in the making and will be, if completed, a very good one for the World,” Trump tweeted. “Time and place to be determined.”

The White House announced late Thursday that Trump would accept an invitation to meet with the North Korean leader sometime before May. The announcement stunned many because it did not include a reference to preconditions for the historic meeting.

But Sanders said Friday that North Korea would have to take “concrete” steps to match their “promises.”
“This meeting won’t take place without concrete actions that match the promises that have been made by North Korea,” she said.

She did not specify what the conditions would have to be. South Korean officials said that North Korea would suspend its ballistic missile testing operations in hopes of opening the talks.

Sanders also declined to say directly whether it was possible the meeting would fall through, saying, “A lot of things are possible.”

Trump tweeted Thursday night that “sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached” over North Korea’s nuclear program, saying that Kim discussed “denuclearization” with South Korean officials and would not test missiles during talks.

“Great progress being made but sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. Meeting being planned!” he tweeted.

The announced meeting comes after months of increasingly hostile rhetoric between Trump and the North Korean leader, including name-calling and threats. (source)

On the surface, it appears that progress is being made with the “situation” with North Korea. The question is, what is the “solution” that will be applied?

Last year, there were continual stories coming out about how America was under threat from a “missile attack” from North Korea. I was not impressed, and I responded with a story called “This Whole Fear Over North Korea Attacking The USA Is An Utter Farce- Kim Jong Un Is A Toothless Tiger But A Willing Puppet Being Used As A Means To Justify Remilitarizing Japan“. In that story I made many points discussing how it was impossible for North Korea to launch any kind of serious attack against the USA, and if they did attack, that it would be easily defeated because North Korea, aside from being on the opposite side of the planet, is a tiny, broken down shell of a nation that is impoverished and technologically advanced on a level comparable with Zimbabwe. I pointed out that North Korea is, however, a useful political tool because of its location between three major world powers- Russia, China, and Japan, and how the US wants to revive Japanese nationalism. I noted that the US government helped to build North Korea’s nuclear program, and that it was strange that the “missile” that North Korea shot over Japan was shot well out of the way, over one of the most remote parts of the island, and an area which also happens to be where a US military base is located.

In light of all these considerations, I said there only could be three reasons why North Korea is acting the way she was. I concluded it was most likely that the US and Japan were behind this, generating the illusion of a crisis in order to provide a “solution” that would ultimately further the remiltarization of Japan, and that North Korea was in on the plan:

Think about a scenario like this. The Americans go to North Korea. They give Kim a huge amount of money, promise him all of the dress-up anime prostitutes and unlimited visits with Dennis Rodman that he wants. They tell him that he can keep his power. They even help him with his nuclear program and tell him “fire a nuclear weapon over here- we will watch and make sure it does not hit anything.”

The effect of this would be exactly what we see happening with Germany and Turkey. Germany and Turkey’s public spat is just a farce meant to justify remilitarization, and it would not be any surprise that North Korea and America/Japan’s spat is also a farce meant to push for the remilitarization of Japan as part of the Turco-Aryan alliance, which the USA is directly helping in the formation of. (source)

I wrote these words in September 2017. Six months later, in March 2018, the following has happened:

-The world did NOT end
-North Korea did not “attack” anybody
-Nothing has been done to help the persecuted Christians in North Korea, in spite of all the talk about persecuted Christians in North Korea
-Russia and China have maintained the same diplomatic positions in the region
-Japan has continued to remilitarize with the encouragement and assistance of the Americans

Nothing new has happened. There have been no developments at all.

Now TRUMP comes along and says that he is going to have a “historic meeting” with North Korea that may even involve North Korea “voluntarily” disbanding their nuclear weapons program as well as reconcile with South Korea:

North Korea is willing to talk to the United States about giving up its nuclear weapons, South Korea said Tuesday, in a remarkable development that followed unprecedented meetings in Pyongyang.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also has agreed to refrain from conducting nuclear and missile tests while engaging in dialogue with South Korea, Seoul’s national security chief Chung Eui-yong said after returning from talks with Kim.
Chung said Pyongyang expressed willingness to talk to the United States “in an open-ended dialogue to discuss the issue of denuclearization and to normalize relations with North Korea.”

North Korea clarified that it had no reason to retain nuclear weapons if “the military threat to North Korea is resolved” and the country’s security can be guaranteed, Chung said.

It’s a startling statement from a nation that only months ago declared it could wipe the United States off the face of the Earth and comes just hours after the five top South Korean government officials spoke with the young North Korean leader. (source)

Doesn’t it seem strange that North Korea is talking about “giving up” her nuclear program considering that it was the USA that built it for her?

Doesn’t it seem strange that North Korea says they may give up their nuclear weapons because there are no more “threats” against them, when at the same time Japan, a nation with a history of violence and imperialism directed against her neighbors, who invaded, destroyed, and raped both all of Korea and China, is actively re-arming right now and the Chinese, a nation much more powerful than North Korea is scared of Japan?

To add to this is the claim that based on Japanese military records from the Second World War, Kim Jong Un’s grandfather, Ko Gyeong Taek, was born in Osaka, Japan and worked for the Japanese at a military factory in a classified position:

Born in Osaka in 1952, Hanshui is a North Korean resident of Korea, The father Ko Gyeong-taek is from the Chongryon government. During the dancers’ Mansudae art troupe in Pyongyang, Kim Jong Il was in sight. In the end, he succeeded in making his son Kim Jong Eun the ultimate power, but he is not yet formulated as a ‘mother’. I am concerned that the North Koreans who have been criticizing the Koreans living in North Korea for being ‘spirited’ may get word of mouth among their residents.

His career as an officer of a military affairs factory under the jurisdiction of the Japanese army during the Japanese colonial rule is also a grueling process. A North Korean intelligence official said, “The data that had been secreted at the military plant were released recently.” According to this, Go Gyeong Taek, a native of Jeju, went to Japan in 1929 and entered the Hirota military factory under the jurisdiction of the Army. According to the North Korean allegations, Kim Jong Il’s artisan was producing Japanese military supplies while Kim Il Sung was fighting anti-Japan. As a matter of fact, North Koreans say, “Your enemy (Kim Jong Eun) is not Baekdudae, but Mt. Fuji and Halla Mountain.” (source)

Why was Kim Jong Un’s grandfather working for the Japanese imperial army in World War II? What exactly was his position? Does the Kim family still have ties to Japan? We do not know at the moment, but it is awfully strange that Korea, a nation that was raped by the Japanese, would now in the face of a rising Japanese nationalism that would seem to be the very reason to have nuclear weapons, be so willing to give them up because TRUMP told him to.

That is, unless as I speculated, that the entire “debacle” with North Korea was always a farce.

Picture the following scenario. The USA, North Korea, and Japan are all friends in private, but publicly it appears they are fighting. North Korea fires a missile at Japan, Japan gets mad and tells the USA “we need to bring back the military to protect ourselves”, and the US says “you have a point” when the reality was that it was the USA and Japan who TOLD North Korea to fire a missile at Japan. The USA then says “we will fix this” and TRUMP is sent over to “call for a historic meeting” with North Korea. While the world thinks the two nations are having “historic negotiations,” they are probably doing lines of cocaine and high-dollar prostitutes like they have done many times before in private together.

The “meeting” concludes, and North Korea announces that she will “give up” or “reduce” their nuclear program as well as create “unprecedented” ties now with South Korea, and maybe even end the “demilitarized” zone. No matter what happens, Trump emerges as hero because he appears as “fearless leader” who stood up to the BIG BAD EVIL SCARY MAN WITH NUKES WHO HATES AMERICA. Kim Jong Un gains respect in the eyes of the world because it appears that he wants peace. America as a nation has a boost in her reputation across the world as the world’s problem solver. Japan will congratulation North and South Korea, and will say they want to help their “sister nations” (or some related term) by opening “bilateral ties” and as such, obtain and establish a stronger Japanese-US military presence in the region. Depending on what they decide to do, Trump may “win” (read- be given) a Nobel Peace Prize, and after which there would be books written about Trump’s “negotiating skills” and how to be like him. Lots of awards, favorable media coverage, and fancy dinners and cocktail parties ensue in the revelry.

This is just one scenario. Maybe this will happen. Maybe it will not. Maybe it will be something completely different. However, no matter what happens, the purpose will be to maintain US military power and influence in the region as well as increase Japanese military power and influence, slowly but in a non-aggressive way pushing against Russia and China to the point of discomfort but not conflict for now.

The real losers in this are China and Russia, because now North Korea, which was a “wild card” that could be used by all of the major powers in the region to use as a buffer against tensions with Japan and the US is now removed. This could open the way to more hostilities between China and Japan or Russia and Japan, which would create a justification for an increased Japanese military presence.

This situation with North Korea most likely is not reality, and neither is this meeting that is coming up. If one could actually see inside the “negotiations,” one would see this is Reality TV “on steroids.” It is just an extension of what Trump used to do for television, except now people believe it is actually real. Yet the reality is that it is not real, that he is just an actor following a script that was written and edited by many hands in the world of military intelligence in order to further the long-term interests of certain families in heavy industry and banking, who are also the same families that want to see another world war because they will be the first ones to profit from it, both in terms of finance but also power and control, working towards the goal of creating a farm on which to place the human race that they might be herded as cattle and the ones who caused this mess would become the farmers, acting as “gods” among men and having power over life and death.

“Gangnam Style” by the South Korean singer Psy. This song is ridiculous and pointless. Yet that is what the majority of analyses of the situation with North Korea is. The reality is very simple, as it is a power play directed towards a Third World War and the revival of the Japanese military machine.