LGBT In Panic After President Trump ‘Gives The Green Light’ To Persecution of Homosexuals In Russia

The LGBT are upset after President Donald Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin and congratulated him on his recent victory, saying that it is an action which shows Trump’s disdain for the LGBT and the encouragement of “persecution” in Russia:

There’s another reason why Donald Trump‘s congratulatory call to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection is a terrible thing: it gives Russia the green light to continue its persecution of LGBT citizens.

The appointment of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State also signals Russia that the US won’t condemn its anti-LGBT policies. Pompeo has a long record of anti-LGBT actions, including opposing the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and condemning the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision.

Against the advice of his national security advisors, Trump couldn’t resist continuing his “bromance” with Putin by picking up the phone congratulating Putin on an election win that seemed all but guaranteed before the first ballot was cast. There are a host of reasons why this was a bad idea, not the least of which is that it seems to give the nod to anti-LGBT persecution in Putin’s Russia.

The stories have been coming out of Russia for years. LGBT people —and gay men in particular — have been harassed, detained, arrested, tortured, “disappeared,” and even murdered with the tacit approval of Putin’s government.

It began in 2013 when the Russian Duma passed a law making it illegal to expose children to information about homosexuality. The law, part of Putin’s effort to appeal to ultra-nationalists and the Orthodox Church, was accompanied by anti-gay violence across Russia.

Anti-LGBT violence doubled following the ban on “gay propaganda.” In Volgograd, a gay man’s nude body was found, with his skull caved in and his genitals scarred by beer bottles.

In Chechnya, hundreds of gay and bi men were rounded up by police and many tortured. One man said his captors gave him electric shocks, beat him with wooden sticks and metal rods, shouted verbal abuse at him, and demanded to know the names of other gay men in Chechnya.

Putin has identified Russia’s LGBT community as an enemy whose persecution serves his political interests. Trump’s congratulatory call is a “thumbs up,” signaling tacit approval of Putin’s anti-LGBT policies. (source)

A phone call from one major head of state to another major head of state is standard, even if those people do not get along. This is another example of an overreaction from the LGBT.

But there is a point to be made. The Trump administration is not going to stop LGBT “persecution” in Russia. In fact, it would seem they would want to encourage it because the Trump administration is pro-LGBT.

As has stated before, the LGBT is a tool of American foreign policy. There is much support among the LGBT in America on a popular level, but even this was promoted for the purpose of social control. It is not an accident that the rise in “homosexuality” around the world seemingly coordinates with American influence.

Russia has, on a public level, expressed either hostility or indifference towards homosexuality. When the nation does not actively suppress homosexuality, it does not stop the common people from attacking homosexuals or homosexual demonstrations. The reason for this is because, as Putin surely knows, the support of homosexuality is an American destabilization and psychological warfare tactic against Russia that is in itself but one tool in the greater arsenal that the US has used concerning Russia. That is, the amount of opposition to Russia concerning homosexuality, at least that which is presented, is less a reflection of the moral state of society than it is of political trends manifesting through a particular social window, in this case homosexuality.

To that extent, it can serve the interest of US policymakers to promote either the persecution of homosexuality or the perception of persecution of homosexuality in Russia as a way to leverage anti-Russian support domestically as well as internationally. If an absolute majority and close to a supermajority of Americans support homosexuality as well as homosexual unions, then to merely express the idea that somebody is “anti-LGBT” would immediately thrust public hostility on that person or group. This is seen in America with the growing criminalization of speech, businesses, and ideas that oppose homosexuality. If this same strategy is applied to a nation, then to present a nation as “those evil LGBT haters” is to immediately slant public perception in one’s favor and against the other. If this strategy is then coupled with other negative associations, such as Hillary Clinton’s accusations of “fake news” from “Russian bots” who “manipulated the election,” then it is not a surprise why there are many people, especially on the “left,” who are vitriolically against anything Russian.

Trump has already expressed his support of the LGBT during his presidential campaign, as it is but one of many groups that he will have to appease in order to get elected. Given that more Americans now are in favor of homosexual unions- this is not even to discuss support of homosexuality itself, which is even higher- than there are Christians in the USA, Trump will support the LGBT before any Christian cause because he has a larger base of support among them than among Christians of any denomination. The same is also the situation for the Democrats, as it has been for a time. From a purely self-interested viewpoint considering the political climate, it is in the interest of Trump- or Obama, Bush II, or a future president- to support the LGBT domestically and in certain countries which are friendly to US interests while at the same time encouraging anti-LGBT activities or advancing the impression of anti-LGBT positions among nations regarded as enemies.

Regardless of the conflict, whether it is the LGBT, the “freedom” fighters of Ukraine and Syria, the migrant crisis, the often repeated claims of “human rights,” or whatever other “thing” is presented to the public, the basic goal is oriented towards engineering another global conflict with alliances similar to those of the Second World War. In such a conflict where the pursuit is power at all costs with respect to none, and men are regarded as pieces of chess in a game of geopolitics and personal at the expense of the many, there is no moral force restraining them. It does not matter to such individuals if their souls or the souls of other men could be in danger because such men do not believe in a soul, as they view that power is a prize to be won in this life, where the strong take it for themselves and then spit on and enslave the weaker among them.

It is a reflection into hell on earth. It is also the reason why Christ came and made himself the weakest of the weak, choosing the lineage of Ham for his priesthood, and died the death of a criminal and a traitor, for it was to show that true power does not belong to the immoral, but to the righteous as God is Righteousness, Mercy, Justice, and Love, and that Christ is the Strong man who deposes the evil one by force for the sake of the righteous.