Man in India murders nine year old boy, the police are now investigating if the child was sacrificed in a Hindu occult ritual

By Theodore Shoebat

A man in India murdered a nine year old, and now the police are investigating to see if the murder was a sacrifice for a “tantric ritual.” As we read in one report from the Times of India:

The Karauli police probing the suspected murder of a nine-year-old boy Naitik Bansal said that they are investigating if the child was murdered by his neighbour Ram Singh for tantric and occult practices as they have found Bansal’s trouser with stains of sindoor (vermilion).

The police, however, have yet to find the body of the minor boy. Five days ago, the police had declared that Bansal was killed by Singh. The cops went to the crime spot where Singh allegedly admitted to have killed Bansal with stones and other sharpen weapons.

Additional SP Rajesh Kumar Yadav informed TOI that the police teams are probing if the accused had kidnapped the minor for tantric purposes.

“The accused had tried to kidnap two other boys prior to Bansal. We are probing the crime from all angles,” he told TOI over phone.

The case has become a tough nut to crack for the city police, especially after it declared that Bansal was murdered but failed to recover the body. The minor boy had gone missing from his Hindaungate located house on February 25, the cops, however, were unable to locate the body.

“We had found Bansal’s trousers, some stains were recovered from it but nothing has been verified it yet,” the official told TOI, adding that the cops are taking the help of specialized units and drone to locate his body.
The official said Singh had abducted the boy and took him to a jungle where he killed him with the help of his son. “ He had abducted the boy with an aim to demand extortion, but he got worried due to police pressure and killed Bansal. We have CCTV footage in which the accused could be seen taking the victim to jungle on his bike,” the official said, adding that Singh took the police to crime spot where Bansal’s trousers and blood spots were found.
“We have detained his minor son too. Our investigation has not ended, we are looking for victim’s body and for that we are taking help of drone, a special team over 100 cops are looking for the body,” Yadav said.