Major German Catholic Leader Confronts German Interior Minister, Says ‘You Are Trying To Use The Muslims To Do What You Did Last Century’, Major Counter-Jihad Blog Caught Trying To Use The Story To Promote German Nationalism

President of the Central Committee of German Catholics Thomas Sternberg confronted German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of the Christian Social Union (CSU) party and said that his anti-Islam rhetoric was intentionally stirring up Germany in the same way that Hitler used thew Jews to advance his own power:

No day without shrill tones from the CSU on Islam. This is also in the sister party CDU many against the grain. Until the election of Bavaria in autumn, the dispute is likely to continue.

The European Union dispute over the role of Islam and the handling of Muslims in Germany has become more intense at Easter. “We can not stop the course of history, everyone has to deal with the fact that Islam has become a part of our country,” said Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU). The Berlin CSU country group chief Alexander Dobrindt emphasized on the other hand on Saturday: “Islam does not belong to Germany.” The president of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), Thomas Sternberg, accused CSU leader Horst Seehofer indirectly to promote anti-Islamism.

Schaeuble went with his statements in the newspapers of the spark media group like Chancellor and CDU leader Angela Merkel on distance to CSU boss Horst Seehofer and Dobrindt, who emphasize that Islam does not belong to Germany. The new interior and home secretary Seehofer had said that Islam did not belong to Germany, but the Muslims living here were “of course” one of them.

Dobrindt even said in the “Focus” that the phrase “Islam belongs to Germany” is “an impediment to integration, giving migrants the wrong signal.” Immigrants would have to “integrate and not want to live next to us or even against us here”. Asked whether the CSU is taking a long-term dispute with its sister party CDU on this issue, Dobrindt said his party was leading the debate with a clear edge, direct and conservative. “The CSU will not move there, after all, the majority of the population is of the opinion that Islam does not belong to Germany.”

In Bavaria, a new federal state parliament will be elected this autumn. Merkel is feared in the CDU leadership that the CSU will maintain its uncompromising course in the debate at least until then. Around 4.5 million Muslims live in Germany.

Dobrindt rejected allegations from parts of the CDU, Seehofer and he would split with their positions. “Whoever addresses what the overwhelming majority thinks, does not split – that brings together.” He does not believe in the thrust of the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister and CDU Federal Arbitration Armin Laschet to recognize Islam as a religious community.

The state should not accept that mosques in Germany would become places of political radicalization, demanded Dobrindt. “Mosques where hate and violence are preached must be identified and closed.” In addition, there should be no anonymous cash flow during the construction of mosques.

CDU Presidium member Jens Spahn told the “Rheinische Post”: “If Islam is to be part of Germany, foreign financing must cease, as well as the model of imams sent from abroad who do not speak a single word of German.” The Muslims belonged to society with their religious practice. But concrete problems have to be solved. Spahn, who is the new Minister of Health, asked: “How do we get pastoral care in prisons and in hospitals for imams trained in Germany?” In addition, Islamic religious instruction should be held by teachers trained in Germany.

Schäuble warned that Muslims in Germany should realize that they lived in a country that is not influenced by Muslim traditions. “And the rest of the population must accept that there is a growing proportion of Muslims in Germany.” It’s about living together peacefully and respecting differences. “A liberal society only remains stable if it provides a sufficient degree of belonging and familiarity.”

Schäuble called for resolutely opposing hatred of Jews. Anti-Semitism is also “getting stronger again through migration and the hatred of Israel fueled by radical forces in the Islamic world,” he said. “This shows how great the task for liberal societies is to enforce achievements such as tolerance and religious freedom under the conditions of rapid change and this formidable migration.” Germany could tolerate anti-Semitism less than any other country.

ZdK President Sternberg distanced himself in the “Passauer Neue Presse” from the statement that Islam does not belong to Germany. “It worries me very much that attempts are being made to transfer problem situations to a religion.” This was the case in the first half of the last century: “At that time, generalized judgments about Jews were made, which allowed the Nazis to continue anti-Semitism to the greatest crime of humanity.” Sternberg warned that there was “a strong anti-Islamism in our country”. (source)

Thomas Sternberg’s warning echoes that which we have been giving at, for as we exposed back in a series of exclusive articles, the anti-Islam movement is but a cover for the revival of nationalism in order to bring about a third world war and through it the revival of a new and even more lethal eugenics than what was seen last century.

This story was also reported at the blog Gates of Vienna, which as we exposed on is operated by the infamous Edward S. May, also known as “Baron Boddissey”, who we exposed as being one of the founders of the “counter jihad” movement who worked directly with Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller to establish ties with neo-Nazis and other known criminals as part of the same movement for the purpose of disturbing public sentiments in order to cause an increase in nationalism:

2007 was the year in which the counterjihad was sparked in the European parliament building in Brussels, which was attended by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and others. It was also the same year in which National Danes was one of several small groups that emerged in the wake of the Danish Front closure. But the two had much in common. The group was part of the network Anti-Jihad Denmark in the company of, inter alia, Pamela Geller’s SIAD, and organized a demonstration in Aalborg, in which Lauritzen also participated. The counter-jihad website, Gates of Vienna, in an article written by its founder, Baron Bodissey (who was a part of the founding of the counterjihad movement that was sparked in Brussels in 2007), praised the alliance between National Danes and Geller’s partner, Anders Gravers and their SIAD organization. The article, entitled, “The Vikings Are Stirring,” says:

“Holger Danske is not the only one starting to awaken. According to Exile, a new Danish alliance is forming around the issue of immigration and Islamification: ‘SIAD and a few other like minded groups are getting organised in Denmark. According to the SIAD Danish blog, a new alliance is being formed out of similar groups with one common theme. The counter-jihad movement. Anti-jihad Danmark (SIAD, Nationale Danskere, I Media, Frit DK og Frie Danske Nationalister) are organising their first demonstration in Aalborg in Northern Jutland on the 12th of May.’”


The same article posted on Gates of Vienna mentioned NOTHING of Thomas Sternberg’s warning. Instead, it chose to talk about Fjordman’s warning about the Islamization of the “West” and how the West is being “betrayed” by the current German government:

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) told Germans:

“We can’t stop the course of history. Everyone will have to deal with the fact that Islam has become a part of our country.”

While Schäuble said that Muslims in Germany needed to realize that they live in a country that was not shaped by Islamic traditions, he concluded:

“And the rest of the population has to accept that there is a growing proportion of Muslims in Germany.”

Wolfgang Schäuble is one of Angela Merkel’s most loyal old confidantes; he has served as the Federal Interior Minister under her in 2005-2009; and as the Finance Minister from 2009 until present. (source)

“Fjordman” is Peter Jensen, an infamous member of the “counter jihad” who is a supporter of the eugenicist Thilo Sarrazin and was present at the 2007 meeting in Brussels with Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Edward May and equally has been involved in promoting nationalism as the “answer” to the situation with Islam. has repeatedly pointed out that back in 2009, now former European Commission member Bernard Connolly gave a presentation in which he stated that Europe will attempt to use “major global events” in order to re-assert itself on a world stage.

Our investigations as well as those from independent sources, such as GEFIRA, have confirmed that the Muslim “invasion” of Europe taking place right now cannot rightly be called an invasion because the transportation, movement, and offloading of Muslim and African persons onto European soil has been directly subsidized by the European Union and the USA itself through a series of private contracts working in conjunction with the European and national militaries. This is not an invasion, but a state-subsidized population transfer that given there are absolutely no “checks” on the people coming in and that the government seldom prosecutes these same people for heinous crimes while continuing to supply generous welfare benefits, it is a situation for the establishment of permanent unemployment and crime as well as for the people of the nations in Europe themselves to generate tremendous hatred against them for their behaviors coming from their anti-social behavior having been subsidized.

Gates of Vienna was one of the original “counter-jihad” blogs and continues to present its same mission as it once did years ago. It is not per se against Islam so much as it is about promoting nationalism. The same can be said about a great many similar blogs with persons making considerable amounts of money writing for them. It just so happens that the reason Islam is used is because the anti-human and inherently violent, disordered theology of Islam makes an excellent lever in the hands of a skilled manipulator to boost support for other causes.

If one would just read the Gates of Vienna article, one would think that this story was another example of Germany “surrendering” to Islam. That is what the site and others want you to think.

However, the reality is far more serious, for it is about a Catholic man of good will standing up saying that the criticism of Islam is but a lever being used the same way that Hitler used the actions of the Jews to bring about the rise of Nazism.

In other words, the truth is what we have been saying for years now, and what the other side does not want to acknowledge because the reality is not about fighting Islam, but about using Islam to bring about the return of a new Hitler.