Israel Demands That The USA Send Its Army To Attack And Invade Syria On Their Behalf

The Jerusalem Post recently called Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad, who protected the Christians of Syria, the “angel of death” and wants the US to invade Syria for Israel:

The US must attack the Assad regime in Syria in response to the alleged chemical-weapons attack in Douma, which killed dozens of people, Strategic Affairs and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said on Sunday.

Erdan, who is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s No. 2 in Likud, said he hoped US military action against the regime would be taken as it was when the Syrian Army used chemical weapons against its people in the past.

“The shocking attack shows the incredible hypocrisy of the international community focusing on Israel confronting the terrorist organization Hamas that is sending civilians to our fence, when dozens are being killed in Syria every day,” Erdan told Army Radio. “It shows the need for strengthening the presence of Americans and other international forces, because without them the genocide we are seeing will only intensify.”

The minister also said Israel must intensify its diplomatic and humanitarian efforts to help the Syrian people.

Construction Minister Yoav Gallant, a former major-general who is the security figure closest to Netanyahu, also expressed hope that military action would be taken against the Syrian leader.

“Assad is the angel of death, and the world would be better without him,” he said.

Zionist Union leader Avi Gabbay said he was shocked and pained by the pictures from Douma. He said it was a reminder that Israel must rely on itself if Syrian President Bashar Assad, who he noted heads the small Alawite minority in Syria, can attack his people with the support of Russia and silence from the US.

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog posted an article he wrote for The Jerusalem Post on his Twitter page in English and Hebrew.

“More slaughter by the butcher in Damascus,” Herzog tweeted. “I have repeatedly worked and called for international action as the world stands by. We need US leadership combining decisive military action as well as diplomacy with Russia.”

Zionist Union MK Nachman Shai demanded an emergency meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to discuss the readiness of the home front for a Syrian chemical attack. He noted that gas masks distributed to Israelis when there were chemical threats from Iraq were returned when then-defense minister Moshe Ya’alon said Israel no longer faced a chemical threat.

“The Israeli approach of saying ‘Don’t worry because it will be alright’ has already been proven wrong,” Shai said. “History has proven that the unreasonable can quickly become reality.”

Such issues are expected to be discussed on Monday, when a subcommittee of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee headed by former defense minister Amir Peretz will convene to discuss the security and environmental threats to the ammonia plant in Haifa. (source)

Now all countries have their problems, but Bashar Al-Asad is not a problem for the USA.

Since when has Asad attacked American targets? By comparison, one must remember that the US openly brags about how it has funded ISIS as well as started the conflict in Syria against Asad’s government.

How can Asad be the “angel of death” when he is loved by the Christians and the majority of Muslims alike across Syria? Asad has shown himself to be a protector of the diverse minorities of Syria. This is in comparison with ISIS and other “rebel groups” backed by the Americans, who are guilty of genocide for wiping out the Christian people while America has done nothing to stop them as the US backs them.

President Asad celebrating Christmas with Christians in Syria. This is not the “angel of death,” but a loved and respected leader by his people standing with them in a time of great difficulty.

And another question- since when was America ever the private army for Israel? It is good and true that nations who are allies help each other, but to demand that another nation invade a country that could start a serious war with a world power such as Russia all over dubious claims of “gas attacks” is uncharitable and rude as it is selfish to make such a demand that is suicidal for the individual to do it.

In addition to standing with Christians and Muslims and calling for a united Syria, President Asad said that he was supporting Europe with the refugee crisis, as he wants to help get his citizens back from Europe and returned to Syria in order to rebuild his country that was destroyed by American warmongering:

Question 3: Mr. President, what do you say to those emigrating to Europe? Do you ask them to come back?

President Assad: I would like to ask every person who left Syria to come back.That’s natural but not enough. Emotions are not enough. They would ask: “Why should I come back? Has terrorism stopped? Have the basic requirements for life been restored?” Many of those who have emigrated are neither against the Syrian state or with the terrorists, but sometimes there are circumstances which force people to emigrate. So, my answer to this question is: when terrorism recedes, and things are better, they will return of their own volition without any invitation. So, instead of asking these people to return, I’ll call on the European governments, which have been a direct cause for the emigration of these people, by giving cover to terrorists in the beginning, and through the sanctions imposed on Syria, to help in making the Syrians return to their country. (source, source)

Remember also, that President Asad, who is supposedly such an evil man because he “supports terrorists,” publicly supported President Trump’s sanctions against Syrian citizens because he said it would help the Syrian government stop the problem of terrorists coming from her nation and infiltrating the USA.:

In an interview broadcast with Europe 1 radio and TF1 television, the dictator said: ‘It’s against the terrorists that would infiltrate some of the immigrants to the West. And that happened. It happened in Europe, mainly in Germany.

‘I think the aim of Trump is to prevent those people from coming… not against the Syrian people. (source, source)

Israel so often claims that it “just wants to be left alone” and whines about why its neighbors “cause trouble” for her. While it is true that the Muslims are not always charitable to the Israelis, the Israelis might want to take a lesson from their own often repeated demand and stop interfering in, or asking other people to interfere in her neighbor’s affairs in the pursuit of unlimited selfish gain at the loss of the majority, especially over a man such as President Asad, who while he is not perfect, has shown himself to look out for the best interests of his people and to exercise incredible restraint in a very difficult political and military situation.