Major Conservative Website Reports That France Needs To Support Le Pen To Save The Homosexuals From Muslims And ‘Migrants’

Breitbart reported a story from L’Express in which, noting the anti-homosexual attitudes of many Muslims, it reports later in an interview that France should support Marine Le Pen in order to save the homosexuals from attacks by Muslims and ‘migrants’:

French sociologist Salima Amari claims in a new book that homosexual women growing up in migrant-heavy French suburbs are forced to hide their sexuality and many are even forced to move elsewhere if they “come out”.
Amari spent six years interviewing 52 women of primarily North African descent who live in some of the heavily migrant populated suburbs across the country and found many wanting to remain “invisible” so as not to provoke homophobic attacks or be shunned by their families, L’Express reports.

The migrant-heavy suburbs have become commonly known as no-go zones due to the high levels of crime, ghettoisation, and the prevalence of radical Islam.

Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam visited the suburbs in 2017, writing about his experiences in his book No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You which is available on Amazon.

“City lesbians can look for the comfort of anonymity, refuse coming out, to keep a balance. If they become too visible, they will lose the family, the parental bond,” Amari said in an interview with L’Express.

“In the rare cases where girls come out, it often leads to the breakup of the family,” Amari said, adding that when they do “come out” they often move to an entirely different city.

While Amari denied there was a problem with physical violence toward lesbians in the migrant-populated suburbs, she said during the evenings “there are more men occupying the public space in neighbourhoods, so they are more likely to be targeted by homophobia. Often, women just go through this space.”

That was not the case for two lesbians in the Paris suburb of Val-d’Oise earlier this year who were physically attacked by a group of young men on the metro who called them “lesbian whores” and shouted other slurs at them.

Homosexual men have also been the targets of threats and harassment from migrant-background individuals as well. Last month in the Paris suburb of Hauts-de-Seine two men reported that a woman shouted at them in a supermarket calling them various slurs and said: “They deserve death. In Algeria, we would cut off their heads.”

The rising levels of homophobia in the suburbs and rising Islamic radicalism were largely credited for the surge of support for anti-mass migration former French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen last year from the gay community.

“Faced with the current threats, particularly from radical Islam, gays have realised they’ll be the first victims of these barbarians, and only Marine is proposing radical solutions,” gay artist and Paris resident Kelvin Hopper said. (source)

The question that people should have instead is not about Muslims or ‘migrants,’ by why the Muslims and ‘migrants’ have to stand against homosexuality when that is the job of Christians?

The Bible is very clear in both the Old and New Testaments that homosexuality is a horrible sin worthy of death. It is only one of four sins that the Bible specifically says “cries out to heaven for vengeance,” and sacred tradition only repeats and adds to the warnings of sacred Scripture. Homosexuality is a sin that leads people into hell rapidly, for as St. Paul writes in Romans, it is the sign of grave evil in a man.

One cannot support the LGBT and be a Christian because to be a Christian is to oppose the LGBT. It is a choice to establish the residence of a man’s soul in the city of God, or in Sodom.

This leaves open and interesting point, which is that is Marine Le Pen is so “Christian” and interested helping to restore “Christianity” to France, why are the sodomites supporting her and why is it being said that she will protect the sodomites from the Muslims? Additionally, to any Christian who supports her, why are they supporting the LGBT through their support of her? Remember at that while we initially supported President Trump on the basis of his promised (and then altered when it became clear that he was lying egregiously) statements, we immediately called him out when he supported the LGBT.

Le Pen herself is not interested in advancing Christianity or any religion for that matter. She made this clear when she supported a ban on crosses in public schools and even clothing and dress that identifies one as a Christian in public life.

The major issue of the times for Christians is not Islam, nor is it even abortion. It is homosexuality, and this is proven by the viciousness of which people will attack you if you say anything against the LGBT, and likewise by the overall cowardice from those who claim to stand against it when faced with a difficult situation, even and especially among Christians.

Walid warned last year in his article, Only Homophobes Will Make It To Heaven, All Non Homophobes Will End Up In Hell, was that to be indifferent to the LGBT and silent in the face of their evils is to consent to evil itself. This is a very serious matter, considering that homosexuality is listed in the Bible as only one of four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance and is “worthy of death.”

It does not matter what claims of “Christianity” or “saving” the “West” one says. The fact is that the Western world is in decay because of rot from within that began with the mass acceptance of sin. The Bible states that homosexuality is simply an advanced form of sin in a person, and if applied to a society, to a society. The society cannot be helped until the issue of the LGBT is resolved or, at least for a start, is somehow mitigated or brought under control because it is central to the moral crisis of the day.

As we have noted, Islam is a religion which justifies homosexuality in spite of the incessant and false claims that Islam “hates gays.” However, the fact that Muslims are standing against the LGBT means that Muslims are indeed in this way standing against sin where the so-called “Christians” and secular pagans are embracing it.

The mercy and justice of God is not tied to one group. This was the error of the Pharisees and Sadducees, who believed that favor was to be given to their own people and not others because ultimately they were filled with hatred and desired power instead of love. This same error made in ancient Judea is repeating here in the formerly Christian nations of France, which has embraced ethno-nationalism, darwinism, and selfishness instead of returning to the Faith which brought her into existence.

Say what one wants to about the Muslims, but the fact is that while Islam is evil and there are Muslims who do evil, God is love and He desires righteousness, mercy, and justice, and in this case, the Muslims are found to be more righteous than the so-called Christians who worship race and land over grace.

In the Bible, when Israel refused the mercy of God, the result was disastrous. God would give them up to the pagans to execute His justice upon her. What was true then is still true today, except this time the new Israel, the Church, has turned against God, and if necessary, God will use the enemy of the Church, the Muslims, as a scourge to execute justice upon this once great nation turned pagan.