Sodomite Gets Angry At Christian Lady For Exercising Her Religious Faith Because He Can’t Use The Laws To Hurt Her

Most people in society simply want to live their lives and will respect the requests of others. However, there are some individuals and groups who simply will not. One group that is a notorious example of this are the homosexuals. While professing to be “happy” and “just want to live”, they are vicious towards anybody who does not submit to their lifestyle choices, and as they have grown in power in society they have proportionately used the law to threaten and attack Christians for everything from mere disagreements to destroying their entire livelihoods simply because they disagree with Christian teaching on homosexuality.

This happened in Canada, where a sodomite renting a room from his landlord wanted to bring another man over for sex, but when she found out she threw them both out, saying that she was a Christian and their acts were evil:

When Caleb Pheloung signed the lease to rent a room from his landlord, Jenny, he agreed to pay an extra $10 per night for any overnight guests. That probably should have been the first red flag. But hindsight is always 20/20

“It seemed like everything was fine,” he told his local TV news station in Vancouver.

Until he brought his boyfriend home for a little sleepover. That’s when Jenny had a little breakdown. Pheloung received a series of crazed text messages from her, saying things like, “If you guys are gay I cannot allow this to happen in my house” and that she believes homosexuality is “against God’s will.”

Then she evicted him, citing the conflict with her her good, old-fashioned “Christian values” as the reason.

Here’s the thing, though: In Vancouver, Jenny’s reason for kicking out Pheloung is legally valid. CTV News reports:

Section 10 of the B.C. Human Rights Code states a person can’t deny tenancy to anyone based on their sex or sexual orientation, among other things. But a subsection says the rule doesn’t apply if the space is being shared.

Since Pheloung was only renting a room from Jenny, he fell outside the law’s protection, which means he has no recourse.

“This might be an example where the law and what people think would be right are not necessarily aligned,” Elizabeth Reid, an employment and human rights lawyer, says.

When the news station reached out to Jenny for a comment, she allegedly slammed down the phone on the reporter.

Pheloung says he’s since put the situation behind him and found another place to stay. He hopes by going public with is story, the law might be revised.

“If something like this could impact change, that would be really awesome,” he says. (source)

People talk about the homosexuals and what can be done to stop their rise in society, and the answer is right here.

Morality is always what matters in God’s eyes. Simply because something is legal does not give it moral license. Truth does not change because a man legislates something else in the same way that a man cannot legislate into existence or out of existence the laws of nature.

This is what Christians must understand. Standing up for truth, especially in the face of persecution by the LGBT, which is the great scandal of our times, is paramount if one believes in the Faith. It is easy to talk about “standing up in the face of evil,” but much harder to actually do it.

Principle always comes before what is permissible. To say otherwise is to say that because man has free will, he can simply “do what he wills.” Such a phrase is utterly demonic and is in fact in the satanic “bible”, because this is the essence of evil- to act as one wills for the sake of will or because one is allowed to, devoid of morality or consequences.

Evil people will always complain that their “rights” come before truth, and this is because such people do not want truth or love, but want license to their own evils. If this homosexual man, even in spite of his grave evil, has something of a sense of love or compassion left within him, he would abide by her request because it is her property. However, he did not, and he was forced to listen even though he did not want to because he had no legal recourse by which he could attack her to force his will upon her to the derogation of her faith.

One does not negotiate with evil just as one does not play with matches. It is bad enough that one has to deal with evil because of Original Sin. Just as playing with fire will get oneself burned, so will playing with sin eventually make a man a slave to sin.

Freedom, free will, “rights,” and other good things which build up society exist for the glory of God and for man to choose what is right, for by so doing man chooses to love God and honor both Him and his purpose for existence. They do not exist as ends into themselves.

Homosexuality is a grave evil. The Bible says it is a sin which cries out to heaven for vengeance. It is incumbent that Christians of good will , while working as much as possible within the legal confines of society, must also take moral and principled stances against the LGBT as their power increases. For as the LGBT as shown, their intent is to suppress and eventually, if they are able to, outlaw Christian teaching on homosexuality as it is the voice of conscience against the evil lifestyle which they embrace.

Her actions are a lesson for people to learn by, for far too many Christians choose to remain silent in the face of the LGBT, the new dictatorship of the current age which threatens the human race.