American Perverts Go To Mexico And Are Trying To Force Mexican Companies To Hire And Promote People Who Love Spreading Disease, Eating Feces, And Raping Children

The Puritan leader John Winthrop preached a sermon in 1630 describing how the community he and his followers would set up in Massachusetts bay would be as a “city on a hill.” Four centuries later, America has become a Sodom in the valley of death, as she is one of and if not the leader in promoting homosexuality.

Far from spreading the Gospel of Christ, she is now spreading the sin of sodom, such as through attempting to pressure companies in Mexico to submit to the ever increasing and insatiable demands of the LGBT:

The HRC Foundation, an arm of the Human Rights Campaign, is launching their second survey of major Mexican corporations to gauge their policies on LGBT employees.

EquidadMX: Programa Global de Equidad Laboral will query more than 50 Mexican companies — including the nation’s largest, the state-owned oil company Pemex — on how they treat their workers. HRC wants to know if there are antidiscrimination policies in place, whether there are diversity or resource groups, and whether the companies engage in public activies — like Pride festivals, for example — to encourage inclusion and a diverse workforce. The second iteration is an increase from the 32 companies that took part in the first year of EquidadMX.

“Major Mexican employers are demonstrating that LGBT inclusion is a fundamental value and provides a competitive business edge,” Deena Fidas, HRC Director of HRC Equidad MX and HRC Foundation’s Workplace Equality Program, said in a statement. “Businesses around the world continue to invest in LGBT inclusion to support their employees and promote talent. Mexico is leading efforts to foster inclusive workplaces across the country and Latin America.”

HRC has also created an Equidad program for Chile and has developed a Spanish-language toolkit for employers wishing to foster a more equitable environment.

While the United States does not have a federal law banning anti-LGBT discrimination, several states do, and there’s more well-funded organizations like HRC to combat it than in Latin American nations. (source)

You may call this an exaggeration, but it is not.

Homosexuals are veritable biological waste dumps as per major medical organizations. Many enjoy spreading HIV as a form of a sexual fetish as well as other illnesses such as anal and colon cancer, drug resistant gonorrhea and syphili|, and Hepatitis A.

Homosexuals are also known for engaging in coprophilia, which is eating feces. It has always been common in gay porn, but it is so popular now that major homosexual publications have bragged and promoted it as the “thing” for 2018.

Likewise, homosexuals also have a long and well-documented history of raping children in higher proportions than any other population in a society. The Shoebat archives have many stories of this.

Anybody who supports spreading disease for fun, eating human excrement, and sexually abusing children is without question a pervert. Yet this is what homosexuals do as part of their regular practices.

So if this is so common, then why be afraid to call them out? Indeed, if you are afraid that you may lose friends, consider asking yourself why would you want to be associated with somebody who loves HIV, feces, and rape anyways unless you also loved those same things?

Sometimes the way to love people is to tell the truth they do not want to hear, and that is absolutely the case with the homosexuals and about homosexuality. It is a disturbing, disgusting lifestyle choice that leads to death and is within itself a horrible sin.