Major Poll Confirms Warning That Millennials Hate The Boomers And Are Blaming Them For The Problems Of Society Today

At the end of December 2017 I did a special about the situation of Millennials and Baby Boomers called Baby Boomers Need To Exercise Compassion Towards Millenials And Generation Z Because Their Own Children And Grandchildren Are Going To Laugh At Their Screams As They Throw Them Into The Ovens And Gas Chambers. Emphasizing that I did not want to come across as condescending or insulting, in it I noted that the Boomers are, righteously or unrighteously, being blamed by the Millennials for the economic and social problems that have metastized in society since the cultural revolution of the 1960s.

This warning that I put out has been confirmed by a poll from Axios, which found that more than half of Millennials blame the Boomers for the state of the economy and society today:

Though baby boomers may list things millennials ruined, one thing they can’t include is the economy.

A recent Axios poll found that 51 percent of millennials (18-34-year-olds) believe that the older generation has made things worse and they expect a more difficult future as a result of baby boomer (51-69-year-olds) policies. Just 13 percent said that they had improved things.

The survey, conducted through SurveyMonkey, found that 30 percent of boomers believe policies created by their generation had made things worse. 32 percent claimed they made things better, and 34 percent said neither.

Millennials have graduated into one of the worst job markets since the Great Depression and face ever-increasing student loans.

‘The generational divide could turn into political rivalry as the generations compete for limited tax dollars — millennials seeking government help as automation takes hold, and boomers insisting on promised levels of Social Security and Medicare,’ wrote boomer Steve LeVien from Axios.

The poll also found 42 percent of Generation X (35-50-year-olds) was also displeased with the baby boomers, and just 19 percent believed they had helped.

The survey also asked how people believed current affairs could be improved.

‘Remove all old government officials and term limits for the House and Congress,’ a 34-year-old male Republican said.

Multiple people responded with ‘Impeach Trump’.

The survey also found another generational divide. Millennials are far less confident in fiscal responsibility than the Greatest Generation, as 56 percent of millennials said they are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ responsible in how they manage their money, compared with 80 percent of those older than 70.

However, people in the Greatest Generation live on fixed, retired incomes. Millennials struggle with a lack of raises, high student debt, and ever-increasing rent costs.

The survey was an online poll was conducted through April 9-13 among 4,638 adults in the United States. (source)

There have been several consequences of this, but one that I explicitly warned about is the actions of the Millennials and especially Generation Z. While there are some Millennials who were able to escape the devastating financial and social changes that have entered with complete force into society over the last two decades, many were not able to, and in their search for answers they have turned to National Socialism, Darwinism, and their intellectual supporters in order to seek answers to the misery of their current situation.

The Millennials are a concern in terms of their social potential, but not so much as the Z’s are because of the economic gap. The Millennials have for the most part been stripped of the economic power they would or could have had because they were the first group to feel the initial strikes of the cultural changes. What this has done is that millennials, who understand how to use the Internet, have been researching, reading, and listening for answers eagerly. They are the intellectual “foot soldiers” who are preparing a path in which they are actively guiding the oldest members of GenZ down. While the Millennials are doing the “heavy lifting,” this only expedites the work which GenZ has to do.

Make no mistake, as I mentioned before, there are many members of both the Millennials and GenZ who are apathetic, pathetic, and will be absorbed into the same status quo that engulfs many people and has come to define American life for the latter part of the 20th century and forward. However, there are a lot who have not, and as the “liberals” so often note, it only requires a small amount of people to engage in massive social changes, and throughout history such has been shown to be consistent. It really only is ever a tiny group of people, but once that group reaches a certain point- a point that is never the “majority” in a society- that group will eventually overtake and become the majority or if not, they will seize the reigns which steer a nation and guide it to their liking.

I do not speak of per se a literal “revolution” of people marching in the streets, although that is still possible. In an American context, what is more dangerous is the acceptance of ideas that replicate the same effects as those of the old world but that will be received by the people. Eugenics does not have to mean just rounding people up and murdering them or working them to death. It could take many other forms, such as promoting eugenics and the idea that people who do not adhere to a certain set of beliefs that are pro-eugenic are therefore not worthy of life and can be attacked or murdered and people will not care.

For example, the Millennials and GenZ are extremely pro-LGBT, to such a point that in many states, the mere criticism of homosexuality is bordering on becoming a crime unto itself like in Europe- it is NOT at that point yet, but close in states such as California, which passed a law to ban books that teach against homosexuality, which could naturally include the Bible. To oppose the LGBT in America today is to make oneself a social pariah, and to invite people to attack you with little social means of recourse since the supermajority of Americans support homosexuality and a near supermajority support homosexual marriage from all generations. Among the Millennials and GenZ, it is an absolute supermajority in both examples.

These people are willing to hurt and destroy members of their own generation over the issue of homosexuality. What is therefore one to think when it comes to the Boomers, who they view as having destroyed their livelihoods for the present time and the future? If they believe in darwinism, evolution, and ideas of “superiority,” what does that mean for you?

If you are a Boomer, consider yourself warned. I say this NOT as a threat, but as an objective statement because these people are angry and are blaming the Boomers for the problems of society, whether or not the Boomers had a hand in creating them. Be kind to them and be careful, because it is not out of possibility that they may turn against you and destroy you in the name of revenge.