Germans March In The Streets Shouting “We Are The Warriors, We Are The Fans Of Adolf Hitler.” has been aggressively warning about the resurgence of National Socialism in our current day, and that the anti-Islam movement is but a cover for this revival as part of larger plan for depopulation, social control, and the reassertion of European power.

An article on a National Socialist blog, while discussing the recent protests in Chemnitz that covered, has video of protesters shouting (in German) “We are the warriors, we are the fans of Adolf Hitler”. The full text of the article is as follows with accompanying video:

Fed up with the increasingly tyrannical, Israeli-led and funded, anti-German and anti-White European Union, as well as with their traitorous leader Angela Merkel, the citizens of Germany have finally begun to openly revolt.

In the town of Chemnitz, located in Saxony, a large gathering of thousands of Germans happened earlier, where they chanted “We are the warriors, we are the fans of Adolf Hitler” in direct violation of ZOG law which prohibits any forms of positive remembrance of the Nazi regime.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful in this modern day and age? We here at the Daily Crusader most certainly have not, and we wish Godspeed and God’s Blessings to our brothers and sisters fighting the illegal, tyrannical ZOG in Germany! (source)

These are not some fools in the USA who are LARPing as Nazis.

These are German citizens in Germany who are calling on a historical memory of the last century that plunged the world into the most horrible war the world had yet seen. They are invoking the name of the leader who oversaw Germany during that war. They do not care that doing so is illegal, because this is a massive popular movement rising from the people with the quiet support of the government, which wants to see its resurgence and has been working to realize this end since the moment that the Second World War finished.

This is the future of Europe.

You are seeing history as it is happening.