The White House Releases Statement Promising Swift Response Against Syria If Assad Uses Chemical Weapons

By Theodore Shoebat

In another unsurprising demonstration of how the US president has no power when it comes to foreign policy, the White House just recently released a statement condemning Russia’s bombing of the Idlib province where the last rebel stronghold is. It evinces that Washington simply continues the same Middle East policy of regime change — under the pretext of ‘chemical weapons’ — regardless of who the president is. The statement says:

The United States is closely monitoring the situation in Idlib province, Syria, where millions of innocent civilians are under threat of an imminent Assad regime attack, backed by Russia and Iran.  President Donald J. Trump has warned that such an attack would be a reckless escalation of an already tragic conflict and would risk the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  Let us be clear, it remains our firm stance that if President Bashar al-Assad chooses to again use chemical weapons, the United States and its Allies will respond swiftly and appropriately.

For years the United States has been talking about chemical weapons being used by Assad, and yet we keep seeing evidence that it is rebels, and not the Syrian government, that has been using chemical weapons against civilians. We saw this under the Obama administration in 2013, when a chemical weapons attack was unleashed. The government and media outlets were trying to make it as though it was an attack launched by the Assad regime. But we later found out that it was rebels who conducted that chemical attack. As the New York Times reported back in 2013:

“Testimony from victims strongly suggests it was the rebels, not the Syrian government, that used Sarin nerve gas during a recent incident in the revolution-wracked nation, a senior U.N. diplomat said Monday.”

But propaganda stating that it had to have been Assad who did this chemical attack was being used by the US government under the Obama administration, and yet today, with Donald Trump, we are seeing the same type of propaganda. Nothing has really changed. Foreign policy continues regardless of who the president is. What is disturbing is how there are so many people — from both parties — who worship their presidents, and act like their president is so different, so distinct from prior presidents, when the reality is that the president is the mascot for team America on the world stage. I am speaking of foreign policy, not national or domestic policy.

When it comes to foreign policy, the United States is guided by a cabal of militarists and lobbyists who have been in the American war apparatus for decades and who seem to never disappear. From people like John Bolton, to Kristol, Giuliani, Gingrich, and the rest of this ilk, to think-tankers like Daniel Pipes, Ben Shapiro, Frank Gaffney, the American Enterprise Institute, these are all part of the same mechanism that stands in the vicious system that does not fail to bring about the expected propaganda that is filled with rhetoric about “Russia,” “Iran,” and “China.” These three words are the essentials of the American war creed, used to unlock the inner intellectual boundaries of the collective American conscience and convince them of destructive policies. These three words are the “open sesame” of the American masses. If you want to destroy a country, just say either one, two or all three of these words, and behold the zombies who will hail any regime change policy as though it is holy gospel.

Want to arm jihadists? Just say that you are doing so for the cause of fighting Iran and you are set. Want to back the Iranian Mujahideen? Just saying you are supporting them to overthrow the Iranian regime (which is what people like Bolton, Gingrich, Daniel Pipes and Giuliani are doing) and doesn’t matter how evil the Iranian Mujahideen is, you know the old cats and the young snakes in the Republican populace will hail the policy as though it is a repeat of the destruction of the Third Reich. The American war industry is built on the vicious tongues of think-tankers, sycophantic university organizers, zionist nationalists and brain dead zombies who look up to their president as though he wakes up every morning and looks to the American flag with tears in his eyes; as though he loses sleep, concerned about the country, as though he really is investing hours of his existence really worried about what is happening thousands of miles away in the rugged lands of Syria.

For millennia, the Middle East has been the center of the geopolitics of empires, and do you really think to yourself that this phenomena is going to change because some guy got elected with the title of “president”? The United States wants to keep itself in power over the Middle East, and it doesn’t matter how much innocent blood is spilt for this objective — America will lie, make up propaganda and arm terrorists if it means keeping the Middle East under its security umbrella. The United States, being an extension of Protestant Northern Europe, will work with its Islamic allies in its aspirations, and as Britain and Germany backed Muslims to fight the Catholics, so the US today arms its Muslim friends combat its Orthodox rival of the Slavic lands. The White House statement quoted above says: “the United States and its Allies will respond swiftly and appropriately.” What allies? Other than Western European allies within NATO, it is referring to the Turks. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on June 27, 2018, before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing that: “They [Turkey] will ultimately be part of political resolution there [Manbij, Syria] and an important part. And we need to recognize that and do our best of work alongside them”.

What the United States is doing is truly enabling the revival of the Ottoman Empire, and they are doing this under screaming the creed of “Iran” and “Russia” to justify this.

And please spare me the talk about communism. The United States rivaled against Russia way before it became communist. Hence why the US, under the Teddy Roosevelt administration, backed the Japanese in its war against Russia during the Russo-Japanese war. War broke out between Russia and Japan on February 8th, 1904, in what is called the Russo-Japanese War. Korea declared its neutrality over the conflict, but this did not help her. During the war, the Japanese slaughtered six thousand Russians in the Battle of Tsushima (May 27-28, 1905). This victory impressed the Americans so much that president Teddy Roosevelt said: “I was pro-Japanese before, but after my experience with the peace commissioners I am far stronger pro-Japanese than ever.”It has nothing to do with fighting communism, and everything to do with political rivalry for power.

The next time you hear about chemical weapons being used by Assad, I will be here to remind you about the past times the US lied about chemical weapons being done by the Syrian government; also how the US actually wants terrorism so that it can blame it on her enemies and use it as justification to perpetuate her destabilizing policies. Lets not forget about Gladio — the use of terrorism for the purpose of pretexts. If you do not investigate the roots of the story being presented to you to get you to support regime change in the Middle East, then you will always fall for pretexts.

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