Jailed Prostitute Turned Drug Cartel Chief Executioner Would Murder People, Then Cut Their Heads Off, Drink The Blood And Have Sex With Headless Corpse

A female prostitute turned drug cartel terrorist admitted that she would routinely indulge in cannibalism and necrophilia. After murdering a victim she would cut their heads off, drink the blood while still warm, and then have sex with the decapitated corpse:

With a career that began at a young age, Juana, known as “The Little Sicaria”, was the woman in charge of the beheadings and mutilations inside a Los Zetas cell, but she gained fame after she confessed that she also had sex with some decapitated corpses. According to a report published by the US newspaper DailyMail, “La Peque” is a criminal originally from the state of Hidalgo. She went from being a sex worker to a “hawk” of criminal groups and later to a Los Zetas sicaria.

The woman confessed that at 15 years of age she became pregnant and in order to support her son she had to prostitute herself. Later, after her brother was killed by members of Los Zetas, she joined the cartel. “I found out that my brother’s wife and police killer had been butchered and burned.”

One afternoon we met, the commander asks me: Do you know where your brother is? Is it complete? Did he torture him? I answered yes to the first two and not to the last question. Good, stay with that consolation. You and your mom know where to go to cry, where to take a flower; apart they know that they did not torture him. On the other hand, the family of that guy and whore are fleeing, and they do not know where the remains were lying. – What a mother, please, consolation! I thought, but I did not say anything … “, she affirmed in his statement.

The beginnings

Already in the Cartel “the little hit man” was the one in charge of the corporal decapitations and mutilations, becoming the right hand of some of the most feared members of the criminal cell.

During the confession, Juana, 28, said that at the beginning her job was to monitor the roads for about eight hours a day, in which she had to report if patrols were passing. Also, if she did her job badly, they tied her up and only fed her one taco a day.

“The Little Sicaria” testified to several executions that she witnessed, such as when “they broke the head of a man with a mallet”, which made her fear for her life by imagining that she could end up in the same way, however with the passage of time became familiar with violence to the point of feeling excitement and love for blood.

Floor collection

“I worked in a bar where they charged five thousand pesos every two weeks, but the more the business wins, the more they are charged. A person arrives and says: “We are from the Zetas and you have to pay for a flat if you want to continue with your business. If he does not pay and does not close it, he fucks up and we kill him. ” But those who pay floor receive protection. It’s just a question of saying: “Fulanito is going on a spear”, and at that moment people (hit men) arrive to solve things, “he said in his statement.

Blood bath

Among her horrifying revelations, Juana declared that she liked to have sex with the beheaded, coldly and with details narrated her necrophilic practices and that in addition to murdering her victims, she bathed in his blood and even drank it while hot.

“I felt excited for her, I rubbed with her, I bathed in her after killing the victim.”

Juana confessed that being surrounded by so much crime and violence not only became insensitive, but also took pleasure in drinking and bathing with the blood of the mutilated bodies.

She stated that she started having sexual intercourse with decapitated corpses, using heads and other extremities for her satisfaction.

She is currently incarcerated in one of the Social Rehabilitation Centers of Baja California, where high school ends and she is learning accounting in a self-taught way.

“When I get out of prison I could work with the organization again, but I do not want to. This was my experience, and not so much because of the confinement, the closure does not end. You end the personal experiences that you are living in confinement. Being here in prison, my parents died. But when I leave here I will leave with one hand behind and another in front; I will see myself in a very big economic need. And who will pay me eight thousand pesos a fortnight for going to four hours to the street? It’s always tempting to go back,” she says. (source)