Muslims Round Up Sodomites, Beat Them With Canes, Say They Did It To Instill “Fear Of Allah” In Them

Malaysia has been cracking down on the actions of the LGBT. In a recent event, they rounded up a group of sodomites and caned them, and when asked they said they did it to instill “fear of Allah” into them:

Kedah PAS today backed its party’s Terengganu government against criticisms for publicly caning two Muslim women on Monday, saying Shariah punishments are meant to “instil fear towards Allah”.

Its commissioner Ahmad Fakhruddin Fakhrurazi said the cane is a “weapon” to curb social ills, citing alleged spread of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community in Malaysia as an example.

“It is undeniable, the laws have succeeded in opening the eyes of many people although they received many reactions. But the fact is, the philosophy of Shariah punishments is to instil fear towards Allah,” he said in a statement.

“The move done by the Terengganu government is accurate considering such cases, that are hotly fought by the LGBT, seem to have spread in Malaysia now,” he added.

He claimed that the public must be made aware that “LGBT acts” allegedly bring health problems and illnesses, and are major sins in the eyes of God.

On Monday, two women found guilty for attempting to have lesbian sex were caned six times in public at the Terengganu Syariah Court, as around 100 people watched the punishment.

The punishment received worldwide condemnation, with federal minister in charge of religious affairs Datuk Mujahid Yusof Rawa saying public presence during the sentencing should be reviewed.

Women’s rights groups Justice for Sisters and Sisters in Islam also claimed the sentencing was unlawful, as the caning punishment can only be done against prisoners, but the duo were not imprisoned. (source)

Consider this course of events from another angle.

The Catholic teaching on homosexuality is the same of that in the Bible- it is a sin that is evil, worthy of death, and is one of four that specifically cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

Sacred traditional also supports this. The writings of the saints, the church councils, the early church fathers, the scholastic fathers, and the doctors of the Church all attest to the sinful nature of the act. St. Peter Damian wrote an entire book against homosexuality with a special focus on homosexuality among clergy members and the evil it causes.

By contrast, Islam is very pro-LGBT. The idea that Islam hates homosexuality is nothing but a propaganda bit, as while there is persecution of homosexuals, it is done in the context of Islamic law and not the issue of the LGBT itself, for punishment is meted out on the basis of the refusal to engage in homosexual practices as outlined in Islamic law. This is why Turkish President Recep Erdogan will have his soldiers in Turkey attack “gay pride” protesters but at the same time will dine with Bülent Ersoy, a famous and flamboyant Muslim sodomite.

The Christian prescriptions against homosexuality and the consequences are far more severe than for Islam. Yet the irony is that it is Muslims who are actually punishing the sodomites for engaging in their activities while the Christians have over many years allowed themselves to be bullied to such a position that they have effectively handicapped themselves from dealing with the LGBT issue in an effective way. Legally speaking, the Christian has little to no recourse because the structure of society and the desire of the people is directly oriented towards the LGBT. If one opposes the LGBT, one becomes a social pariah and while not explicitly stated, is unable to get jobs or earn his own income, and not to mention is opened up to legal attack. Much of this is the direct fault of Christians, who while seeking to gain favor with other allowed for themselves to be placed into their own form of a contemporary Babylonian captivity, forbidden from exercising the tenets of their own faith and forced to conform at the point of a “white martyrdom” to a status quo that is against what they believe in, effectively denying their own faith by their actions and becoming hypocrites in their own positions, which furthers the generational trends towards secularization in repetitious cycles of heresy and infidelity.

One may criticize the African, Middle Easterner, Muslim, or other person in the world for their “barbaric” actions towards the LGBT, with such an example being this very case in Malaysia. However, these people are not doing what they do because they are “fools,” have “low IQs” (as though an arbitrary measure of “intelligence” is of relevance for objective standards of morality at all), are just “uncivilized” or any other pejorative, discriminatory comment that is commonly used against them by men in the “first world.” They act as they do out of a sense of belief, because they actually care about their faith and will live for it as much as they will die for it or kill for it. This applies to Muslims, Christians, and even many pagan peoples, that while Islam and paganism are evil, there is a consistency of principle in that the common man will attempt to accord his life to his faith rather than the opposite.

This is what genuinely terrifies the sodomites, because the sodomite is a man without principle and will act in accordance with his base impulses. It is why they are sought after by governments for spying and “black bag” missions or operations, since they will do whatever is necessary to finish a job without any moral question. The person who truly believes in his fight- that one will fight and die for it because one desired to live for it- is a man who by rooting himself in principle will stand for that principle regardless of whatever sickness is presented to him, and even if negatively effected by it, will be able to recover using his principles as a crutch to lift himself up and resume his stance. It is why religion is being so targeted by the LGBT, an objective, absolute moral truth that exists apart from the will of man cannot be seized and destroyed by them because they are not the author of it. Instead, they have to attack the author, and as God is all-powerful, He cannot be defeated.

The Bible speaks of this in Wisdom 2:8, where the evil say:

Let no meadow be free from our wantonness; everywhere let us leave tokens of our merriment, for this is our portion, and this our lot

This is but one of many vices that includes the hedonism of the sodomites, for driven by impulses and without care or a desire to care about that which is beyond themselves, they indulge in evil and when confronted by the righteous, turn around and persecute them.

The question is not one of moral issues, because that has already been decided. It is rather, will those who claim to believe act in accordance with their beliefs, fulfilling them with the wisdom and craftiness of a serpent but the innocence of a dove? Or rather, will there be any left among men who will retain faith on the Earth before God has to intervene for the sake of justice?