Also Fängt Es An- Major German Publication Exposes Thousands Of Sodomite Abuse Cases In Germany And Massive Efforts By The Church To Cover It Up

The sexual abuse scandal has been exploding worldwide, and now reports from Der Spiegel are showing that thousands of cases of homosexual abuse are being not just exposed, but evidence showing members of the hierarchy destroying documents of homosexual priests involved in abuse:

The Catholic Church in Germany has a massive problem in dealing with the sexual abuse of minors by priests and religious. This is the result of the MHG study, the report of a research consortium of the Universities of Mannheim, Heidelberg and Giessen.

The strictly confidential study ordered by the German Bishops’ Conference is to be presented on September 25 by Cardinal Reinhard Marx in Fulda. Der Spiegel is the summary of the results.

Accordingly, more than 38,000 personnel and hand files from 27 German dioceses were examined and evaluated. For the period from 1946 to 2014, the study counts 3677 predominantly male minors as victims of sexual offenses. 1670 clerics are accused of deeds.

More than half of the victims were at the time of the crime a maximum of 13 years old. In about every sixth case, there were different forms of rape. Three-quarters of those affected were in a church or pastoral relationship with the accused.

These numbers are called conservative assumptions. “Findings about the dark field were not obtained,” write the authors of the study: “Thus underestimate all frequency information the actual conditions”.

Numerous files destroyed

Half of all cases would not even have been detected without a request for compensation by the persons concerned, as the personal files of the accused did not contain any information. In many cases they were “destroyed or manipulated”. This results in a “reference to the extent of the assumed dark field,” write the authors of the study.

Moreover, there is no reason to believe that “the sexual abuse of minors by clergy of the Catholic Church is a past and now overcome topic”. The series of abuses continued until the end of the investigation period.

Conspicuously often, the accused clerics were transferred to another place without the host community being “provided with the appropriate information” about the abuser. Only one third of the perpetrators had to submit to a canon law procedure, at the end of which the sanctions were minimal, if not omitted.

The percentage of defendants in the total number of active clerics is four percent. Typologically they are divided into three categories: “fixed”, “narcissistic-sociopathic” or “regressive-immature”.

Celibacy as a risk factor?

When asked about the reasons for persistent abuse, the authors of the study are reluctant. However, there are some indications: “The fundamental refusal of the Catholic Church to consecrate homosexual men is urgent to rethink,” it says. In addition, the question must be allowed whether the obligation to celibacy is “a potential risk factor”.

At the moment, Cardinal Marx, chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, is still working with his PR experts on the communication strategy for the 25th of September – the day on which he intends to present the results of the study after a morning sermon at the cathedral in Fulda. Its official title: “Sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests and male religious in the area of ​​the German Bishops’ Conference”.

Public attention is, according to the headlines about the recent abuse scandals in the United States, the supreme representative of the Catholic Church in Germany certainly. A coordinated strategy and a “long-term catalog of measures” recommend the authors of the study for the future. It should not be with “lip-service of church leaders.” (source)

“Also fängt es an” in English means “so it begins,” and the reason for saying this is because while the sexual abuse scandal is indeed connected to the homosexuals regardless of whatever country they go to, the situation in Germany has a great potential to cause many reverborating effects that most will not expect coming but are shown to be consistent throughout history.

With all respect to the German people, Germany is, historically speaking, one of the nations that God uses to scourge the Church when she is disobedient. It is even more fascinating when one considers that, given as it is believed and suggested by genetic studies, migration patterns, and historical accounts that the Germanic peoples were descended from the peoples in the border regions between Azerbaijan, Iran, and Iraq, that in the days when God punished the Israelites for their heathenry and evils, there were likely proto-Germanic peoples in the armies of both Assyria and Persia. As such, it is possible that even since the days of the Old Testament, the Germans were among those peoples who God sent to scourge Israel for their sins and the said pattern has continued.

Germany often times represents both the “best” and the “worst” of the Church in Europe. When she embraces the Faith she is a great evangelist and warrior against evil, such as how it was Germany that finally vanquished the formal presence of paganism as a political entity in Europe, and it was also the Germanic-descended Habsburgs who through their possessions in Spain brought the Catholic Faith to the Western world. But when she turns against the Faith, she becomes a great scourge who exacts strict punishment. Such is evidenced by the many times that Germany would sack Rome, almost always following extended periods of clerical debauchery. One of many examples of this is when the German Landsknecht sacked Rome in the 16th century, during which time they believed they were doing the work of God by murdering many priests, of which there were many homosexuals.

This is not to say, by contrast, that invasions or wholesale destruction is a good thing. There are no good actors in such cases because it is a punishment from God. As Our Lady of Fatima said, wars are a punishment for sins. While all live in a “post-original sin” world, and while people struggle with sins, there is a point at which sin needs an account. This should in the ideal situation be one of repentance, that leads one to true contrition. Such an example would be the recently canonized St. Mark Ji Tianxiang, a Chinese Catholic who struggled with opium addiction for his entire life, and while having a serious problem, prayed earnestly for salvation, and made sure to obey strictly the teachings on the Eucharist. Believing not that he could get to Heaven unless he was martyred, he eventually received that which he wanted, and was martyred for his Catholic Faith during the Boxer Rebellion.

That is a man who had faith and believed, even though he struggled with a serious addiction to sin. That is why he is a canonized saint, because he is an example for others to follow in perseverance in Faith.

However, there are the problems of those who do not believe and do not wish to repent. Instead, they not only are resistant, but they actively obstruct the healing process.

An excellent example of this obstruction is the sodomite cabal that has usurped control over the functions of the Vatican and have blasphemed by making the Church into their own personal bath house. The sodomites have soiled the house of God by their infidelity, sins, and deeds of such abominations that they have brought worldwide scandal to the Church and tremendous damage to the innocent. Yet when their wickedness was exposed to them, they have only doubled down by trying to ignore and, even as high as the Vatican itself, blame the victims for exposing the evils:

As controversy continues to swirl around Pope Francis’ silence in the face of serious and far-reaching sexual abuse cover-up allegations, the pontiff said that Satan “tries to uncover” bishops’ sins in order to “scandalize” the faithful.

“In these times, it seems like the ‘Great Accuser’ has been unchained and is attacking bishops,” said Pope Francis in a homily today as reported by Vatican News. “True, we are all sinners, we bishops. He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize the people,” he added.

Reaction came quickly to the Pope’s words, with many saying that it sounded like the Pope was suggesting that uncovering the sins of a bishop, such as abuse, was somehow the work of the devil.

“Satan ‘tries to uncover the sins’ of McCarrick, etc. ‘so they are visible in order to scandalize the people,’ says Francis. Bear in mind, this is the exact same reasoning Cardinal Law used to justify protecting pedophile priests” said the Catholic Herald’s U.S. editor, Michael Davis. (source)

Am I saying “this is the end of the Church?” No. To say such would be against Scripture itself.

What it means is that we are on the edge of a major crisis, which happens to be not coincidentally taking place at a time when Germany and Turkey are preparing for a major war. They have been for the last century since the end of the Second World War, but it has come to a point now where the buildup is rapidly increasing.

Germany and her Turkish ally share more than mere history, ethnic, and cultural ties, but a spiritual bond as they are, from the perspective of Christian history, scourges that God often uses to punish His Church, the fulfillment and continuation of Israel, just as He punished Israel in the Old Testament for the same sins with nearly the same peoples. For when the spiritual sons of Shem rebel against God by leaving the tent of Noah and presses Japheth to do the same, it is Japheth who God raises up with the arms of war to bring justice upon Shem for his crimes as with Israel.

There are many people in Germany who are, rightly so, angry with the Church, both Catholic and non-Catholic. Their anger is righteous and justified. However, this is the great danger, for just as with the Protestant Revolution, the anger against the abuses of the clergy was justified, but the ensuing response and how that response was carried out was not appropriate. In that time, it gave fuel to evil men to create a German “church” made in the image of a Germanified diety for a German people.

Germany is far less religious today than she was in the days of World War II, let alone the Protestant Revolution. She is also better armed and has better tools to more fluidly execute and refine that which she does and desires to do as evidenced by the historical record of her past conduct. The Church, which served as an important “check valve” on her tendencies, even when the Church was corrupt, is in essence no longer present as most of Germany is essentially pagan now and as her support of ethnic nationalism rises, so does her tendencies towards re-embracing a modern concept of the ancient heathenism that once defined her.

How does one think Germany is going to respond to the Church?

Does one think that she is going to just “sit back,” or, will she in traditional German style, attempt to “make right” the situation by “fixing” the problem in her own way?

I emphasize that I am not saying it will be good, for neither the pedophiles nor ethnonationalism is good. Both sides are evil. What I am saying is that what one may witness will be the execution of the justice of God against the wicked as He did in the past, using the enemies of Israel to fulfill His will.

As we have written about, this may be the eerie fulfillment of a prophecy given by two popes about a future war:

It is interesting to note that Pope St. Pius X had two visions that were similar to the Fatima Vision of Sister Lucy. In 1909, during an audience with members of the Franciscan Order, St. Pius X had a vision of a future pope fleeing Rome. He said:

“What I have seen is terrifying! Will I be the one, or will it be a successor? What is certain is that the Pope will leave Rome and, in leaving the Vatican, he will have to pass over the dead bodies of his priests!”

Just before he died Pope St. Pius X had another similar vision, in which he saw a future pope of the same name fleeing over the bodies of his brethren, before being killed himself.

“I have seen one of my successors, of the same name who was fleeing over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in some hiding place; but after a brief respite, he will die a cruel death”. (source)

God will not be mocked. If the clergy does not clean up their act, then God will clean it for them, and His answer will be final.

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