Drug Cartel Takes Man, Cuts His Face Off And All Of His Fingers And Toes Off

The drug conflict in Central America as violent and horrible as what one sees from many of the Islamic terrorists, but unlike the situation in the Middle East, this is just south of the USA. In another story of the violence that takes place, drug cartels took a man who claimed (but has not yet been verified) was involved in kidnapping children, cut his face off, and all his fingers and toes:

Living in the state of Veracruz, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, continues to cause panic among local residents as the authorities seem unable to put an end to it. The bloody murder took place this week near the city of Tuxpan, where assassins aboard a truck threw the body of his victim wrapped in black bags of garbage.

State authorities have not revealed any information related to the case, however, citizen journalists have documented the extent of the torture that the man endured before his death. The gunmen had cut or severely damaged the toes and the man before completely cutting his face.

Next to the body, the gunmen left a sign saying that the victim of the murder was a kidnapper of children. The victim has not yet been identified or if he is a suspect of kidnapping. The cardboard was signed by a Gulf Cartel cell that calls itself Grupo Sombra and takes credit for the killing, saying they fight for justice as well as threatening their rivals to line up on their side or have similar consequences.

Since 2017, Grupo Sombra is a name used by a Gulf Cartel cell that has been hunting members of its two main rivals in Veracruz, Los Zetas and Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). The three cartels have a long history of having a territorial struggle that has left hundreds of murders in the region.

Last week, elblogdelnarco . com reported on the discovery of a narco-extermination camp, where authorities claim to have found the skulls of 166 victims, as well as other remains, clothing and some identifications. (source)

There are also the photos of the crime:

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