Canadian Man Obsessed With Vampires And Satanism ‘Ritually Tortures’ Small Animals To Death

A Canadian man was charged with animal cruelty for ritually abusing animals according to a report:

A 20-year-old man and a teenager have been charged with animal cruelty after Gatineau police found evidence of “ritual” cruelty to small animals near Buckingham.

The investigation began in June when a suspicious fire broke out in an abandoned farm building on Lepine Avenue, near the edge of Buckingham.

Police brought a tracking dog, which followed a scent to a nearby building. In this building, police say they found evidence that someone “was killing or torturing animals as a sort of ritual.” They wouldn’t say what was involved in the ritual.

Police arrested Dave Larose-Guertin, 20, in late August. The investigation continued and they arrested a 16-year-old boy on Charles Street in Buckingham this week.

Police say they found evidence that someone had hurt or killed rats, hamsters and one cat. The cat was discovered by a neighbour. It was tied up and was malnourished and dehydrated, but survived and is now in the care of the SPCA.

Larose-Guertin has been sent for a 30-day psychiatric evaluation. Both he and the teenager have been charged with cruelty to animals, and the teenager was also charged, after a search of his computer, with publishing obscene material. (source)

On his Facebook page, he describes himself as a “vampire hunter,” and has pictures where is standing in front of a fire with his arms up like a witch:

His music preferences speak for themselves:

Torturing small animals is something used by people who practice forms of witchcraft, occultism, or satanism. The fact that he would do this is not a surprise given his Facebook page, and is similar to that of the infamous “trans-kid” called “Desmond is Amazing,” which exposed his mother as a witch who does mock sacrifices of infants and has a Facebook page full of photos promoting witchcraft and murder (read more here). 

In the Bible, Wisdom 2 warns about those who either deny God’s existence or just do not believe at all that He is real, and that as they believe not in Him, they turn to themselves and the things of this world, and placing their home in the temporal, seek to make themselves and their lives as best at they can be without regard to their fellow man. It is an extension of what later St. Paul warns about in Romans 1, that those who turned away were eventually lead by their own errors and began to engage in abominable practices of all sorts, including homosexuality, murder, and witchcraft.

The person here is not unique. He is but a product of a society that has abandoned Christianity, that while evil still continued to exist, her presence put a check on its influence. Now that Christianity is for all practical and social purposes either gone or in serious decline and is becoming rapidly a hated thing, the paganism of the ancient world is returning, but this time with modern tools.

Nothing has changed from ancient times, save only the external dressing on what is the same philosophy.

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