Savage Drug Cartel Hitman Walks Up Behind Government Worker And Executes Him In The Back Of The Head In Broad Daylight

Life in Mexico for many people has become dangerous as drug cartels threaten and murder people without fear. In a recent incident, a government employee was executed in broad daylight outside of his house:

An agent of the Public Ministry of Miguel Hidalgo of Mexico City, identified as Roberto “N”, was murdered outside his home.

A subject shot him twice in front of the house, located in the Gustavo A. Madero branch. A video posted on social media shows the moment when the agent and his wife walked out of their home, while an armed man, wearing a cap, ran after them. After the bullets.

Once the officer fell to the ground, the attacker shot him again and ran into a parking lot. The policeman’s wife returned to the place, dropped the bags in her hands and began to scream. The crime would have occurred on Wednesday of this week in the Torres de San Juan Housing Unit, according to information disseminated in the national media.

2018 is heading to surpass 2017, year in which a total of 28 thousand 702 victims of intentional homicides were registered. In the first eight months of this year alone, there are now 21,857 murders in Mexico. In this way, 2018 would be the year in which there were more murders since the record was taken.

According to the data published by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), last August there were 2 thousand 861 intentional homicides in the country, a figure higher than that reported in the same month of 2017, when it was 2 thousand 114. The Secretariat, which disseminates data on the criminal incidence of Mexico since 1997, found that the figure for this crime went from 3 thousand 020 in July to 2 thousand 861 in August.

The entities that reported the most victims of intentional murders were Guanajuato with 300, Baja California with 274, Chihuahua with 264, Jalisco with 224, the State of Mexico with 212, Guerrero with 185, Michoacán with 138, Puebla with 113, and the City of Mexico with 106. (source)

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