Germany Gets To Host Major 2024 Football Tournament, Or It’s Reminiscent Of 1936 All Over Again

The votes have been cast, and it has been decided that Germany is going to host the 2024 UEFA Football/Soccer championship:

Germany has won the right to host the 2024 European Football Championships — fending off competition from Turkey

Seventeen UEFA executive committee members voted in favor of the German bid at the organization’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

The decision is another blow to Turkey’s dreams of hosting a major sporting event. It has previously failed bids to host Euro 2008, 2012 and 2016 and the 2020 Olympic Games.

The 2024 edition will see a return to the tournament’s traditional format, with Euro 2020 being hosted in 12 different cities across the continent, to mark 60 years of the competition.

Turkey has also never hosted a major sporting event. Their bid involved significant investment in rebuilding and renovating the 10 proposed stadiums. There were also concerns over the country’s ability to cater for the expected influx in fans.

In comparison, Germany’s bid needed minimal investment, with infrastructure in already place, along with stadiums that could immediately stage the tournament

Hosting the tournament in Germany will also be financially beneficial for UEFA. The German bid can boast 300,000 more tickets for sale, providing more opportunity for revenue.

The country has previously hosted the World Cup in 2006 and and as West Germany the World Cup in 1972 and also Euro 1988.

The announcement is a boost for German football after the national team’s embarrassing group stage exit at the 2018 World Cup. (source)

I have not been able to find the clip- and if anybody can find it please do sent it- where the Austrian “nationalist” leader Martin Sellner said briefly in response to a question (this interview was made I believe in 2018) about the future of the identitarian movement in Europe that “in five to ten years the world is really going to change.”

Again, if anybody remembers the video, please do send it.

What did Sellner mean by “the world is going to really change” in “five to ten years?”

What does he know that we do not know?

All major sports competitions are more political than about the sports event itself, as it gives the hosting country an opportunity to “show off” to the world.

Turkey originally put in a major bid for the it, not coincidentally because of its proximity to 2023, which marks the official 100-year mark after the abolition of the Caliphate and Ottoman Empire which President Erdogan of Turkey has made no secret that he wants to revive in time for the 100 year anniversary.

But why was Germany chosen then over Turkey?

As noted before, Turkey exists as the economic and military power that she does today because of the USA and Germany. Both nations built Turkey’s military as a part of Operation Gladio, and it was owing to German investment and the manufacture-and-export model she taught Turkey, something which Turkey readily has admitted before the world- that she was able to become one of the most powerful countries in the world.

The Ottoman Empire is being revived as we speak, but it could not have revived were it not for the Germans and the Americans. Turkey may be powerful, but she is not as powerful as the US or Germany, and those two still have control over defining the terms of their relationship. Hence this is the reason why Erdogan is suddenly supporting Merkel after claiming to have “opposed” her for the last three years, because it was a show that Germany wanted for political reasons.

In 1931, Germany was chosen to host the 1936 Summer Olympics. It was a time for the recently (1933) elected Hitler to show off his vision for Germany before the world, and it was three years before Germany invaded Poland and started World War II. The famous “torch run” that takes place during the Olympics was a creation of Hitler and possibly his most long-standing contribution to the Olympics.

Will Merkel still be in power five years from now? That is yet to be seen, but it really does not matter who is in power because just like with the USA, it does not matter who is the representative head of government since they are just that- a representative. Even look at Germany under Hitler- while it is true that Hitler ruled Germany in one sense, much of the control was with the large industrial companies- Daimler, ThyssenKrupp, Norsk Hydro, and Agfa/Bayer/BASF/Sanofi, known collectively as IG Farben at the time- and the financial institutions who backed Germany at the time.

Germany is already planning for a war. She is remilitarizing, building up a corporate presence in her former colonies, and is aggressively promoting nationalism through the skillful manipulation of the “refugee crisis,” which has been exposed to be a fraud directly orchestrated by the German government in order to promote nationalist sentiments to drive a coming war. This is happening at the same time that the USA and Germany are building massive railroads to oil-rich areas in Russia and Central Asia as well as are backing national socialist militias in Ukraine leading to said oil-rich areas.

The steps for a third world war are happening before your eyes.

You are living history as it happens.

That is why Germany wanted this sports tournament so badly (the 2024 Olympics already went to France).

This is, in her mind, a theoretical chance to “flex her muscles” before the entire world, to show off before going to war.

Remember the words of Martin Sellner, that in the next five to ten years the world is going to really change.

Except this time, there are nuclear weapons involved.

It will be interesting to see how she presents herself for this tournament to Europe, because it just may give an indication of the vision we know she has for the future, but just more open.

This is what is coming. It’s not like Germany hasn’t done this before.

And it is only going to bring death an destruction, just like in the past, but now to the entire world. 

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