Archive | July 30, 2019

Major Advances In Satellite Technology Allow For Perpetual Surveillance From Space

Technology is already moving at a very fast pace, especially regarding satellite imagery. One can see proof of this by going to Google Earth, where one can nearly get a very close view, in many parts, of a given area. Clearly, if such images could be taken at such altitudes and is available for public […]

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Drug Resistant Super Bugs Are Spreading Throughout Hospitals In Europe

For most of human history, many people died of relatively simple diseases. This changed greatly with the advent of modern medicine. However, due to medicinal abuse either by economic interests (such as corporate farming, that use antibiotics in order to keep animals in filthy conditions) or personal interests (such as with homosexuals who continually engage […]

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While The Common Man Looks At “Terrorist Attacks” In West Africa, Mega Corporations Eye Massive Expansion To Tap Gold And Mineral Deposits

Terrorist attacks have consumed sub-saharan Africa. But what does this mean? That Africa is just an overrun backwater filled with terrorists? Quite to the contrary, Africa is seeing unprecedented levels of investment and development from major corporations, so much that Africa is being described as a ‘new silk road’: A lot of resource investors stop […]

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