Archive | July 6, 2019

Egypt Grants Legal Status To One Hundred And Twenty Seven Christian Churches

In a surprise move, the Egyptian government has granted legal status to one-hundred and twenty-seven churches according to a report: Egypt has greenlit the legalization of 127 congregations that were previously operating without a government permit in the latest wave of recent church approvals. The persecution watchdog group International Christian Concern announced the news of […]

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Massive Volcano That Is Under Yellowstone Park Has Record Number Of Geyser Eruptions

Underneath Yellowstone Park is a massive supervolcano that if it blows up will severely incapacitate the US. It is believed that the “mouth” of this volcano is or is near the Old Faithful Geyser. In light of the recent California earthquakes, the geyser has experienced a record number of eruptions: The world’s tallest active geyser […]

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Towns In Poland Are Now Declaring Themselves “LGBT Free”

By Theodore Shoebat Towns in Poland — combatting the evils of Sodom — are now declaring themselves “LGBT Free” as we read in a report from Reuters: Teresa Drzewiecka grew up during World War Two, when German and Soviet troops battled for control of her town of Swidnik in eastern Poland. Now 83, she sees […]

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