Archive | July 24, 2019

Major Democrat Strategist Says Democrats Will ‘Barely’ Win 2020 Election

A strategist for the Democrat party has said that, assuming no major changes, the Democrats will win election, but barely according to a report: A top Democratic strategist on Tuesday projected his party would win a narrow Electoral College victory over President Trump if the election were held today, but cautioned that the contest could […]

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Trump Says He Is Going To “Punish” Poor Central American Country Wracked By Violence For Refusing To Obey Him

President Trump makes many bold statements. First it was “lock her up”. Then it was “build the wall”. Then it became “finish the wall”. Finally, it was ‘millions of arrests next week’. Hillary Clinton, Trump’s close friend for years, was never charged with a crime, let alone locked up. Building “The Wall” on the border […]

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Twelve People Murdered By Islamic Terrorists In Congo

Twelve people were murdered by Islamic terrorists in the Congo according to a report: Armed gangs have killed a soldier and 18 civilians, including two children, in machete and gun attacks in volatile northeast DR Congo, officials said Tuesday. Overnight, nine civilians were killed and four injured at Oicha Mabasele near the city of Beni […]

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