Almost Two Out Of Five People Are Avoiding Corona Beer Because Of The Virus

There is zero link between Corona brand beer and coronavirus. However, the average American consumer does not seem to believe this, as a new study reported by KRON/CNN states that thirty-eight percent, or almost two out of five people, will not purchase Corona beer because of the virus.

Corona beer is apparently taking a hit as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread globally.

38% of beer drinkers said they would not under any circumstances buy Corona as the deadly virus continues to spread, according to a survey conducted by 5W Public Relations.

There is no known connection between the beer and the virus — except for the name.

The survey questioned more than 700 American beer drinkers.

16% of those surveyed said they were not sure whether the virus is related to Corona beer, while 14% of respondents who said they regularly consume Corona beer admitted in the survey they would not order it in public. (source)

This may sound ridiculous to people, and it is ridiculous and based on nothing other than a name. It is as wise as saying that somebody with an “Arabic sounding name” is a “terrorist” such as what happened after the September 11th terrorist attacks, or how random Japanese people were interned in camps during World War II for being Japanese, or how there were reports of people having their German Shepard dogs being killed by Americans because the dogs were “German” when the US was at war with Germany, or how after France supposedly refused to join with President George W. Bush’s “coalition of the willing” to start a war in Afghanistan, people became angry and temporarily demanded that “French fries” be renamed “Freedom fries” because of the word “French” in it.

The phenomenon exists in all cultures, but there seems to be a particular proclivity in the US to attach to a particular word or idea and obsess about it before moving on to the next obsession. This was demonstrated recently in the Catholic world for a few weeks in November 2019 when nobody ever heard of a “Pachamama” before, but soon after there was an international demonstration made involving a (for all practical purposes) cardboard cutout of it thrown into the Tiber River, the term became a household name almost instantly.

A similar thing is happening with the term “coronavirus” right now, where an unhealthy obsession has grown over its usage and people are making irrational decisions based on hearing the name.

Since the virus is clearly being used to stir up panic in markets and make people worried, even though evidence suggests it is no different than most other illnesses in terms of essence, now is actually the time when one should buy a pack or two of Corona beer (since it will be cheap), sit back, and have a few sips to relax, since it is the chaos generated from the panic about the virus that is more dangerous than the virus itself, and now is not the time for panic, but calm minds that think clearly.

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