As Over 10,000 Migrants Are Trying To Enter Greece, Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas On Greek Border Patrol To Help Migrants Get Through The Border

By Theodore Shoebat 

As over 10,000 migrants are trying to enter Greece, now there are reports that Turkish soldiers fired tear gas on Greece border patrol officers in order to help the migrants get through. As we read in a report from Reuters:

Greek and Turkish riot police deployed on their shared border fired tear gas on Wednesday as hundreds of migrants tried again to cross into Greece, amid an escalating war of words between Athens and Ankara about what was happening.

Turkey accused Greek forces of shooting dead one migrant and wounding five others, a charge strongly denied by Greece, which said Turkish police were using tear gas to help the migrants illegally cross onto its territory.

Erdogan, long at odds with the EU over a range of issues including Cyprus and Turkey’s human rights record, told his ruling AK Party that Greece must respect migrants’ human rights.

He repeated his claim that Greek forces were firing at defenseless migrants trying to enter Greece.

Asked about the Turkish assertion that a migrant had been killed by Greek forces, Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said: “Turkey is disseminating fake news… I dismiss this categorically.”

A Turkish doctor at Edirne hospital near the border, Mustafa Burak Sayhan, said the emergency ward had received five patients on Wednesday with various firearm wounds as well as the body of one man shot dead.

Three of the patients who spoke to Reuters said Greek police had opened fire at them at the border.

“We threw stones at them as they didn’t open the border. Then they fired tear gas. Because the tear gas was not effective, they got out rifles and shot us with the rifles,” said Adel Jaberi, a migrant from Iran.

A Greek security official said the Turkish police were firing tear gas in an effort to push back Greek forces and help the migrants to pass. A Turkish security official said they were trying to protect the migrants from Greek fire.


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