Thousands Of US Residents Have Been Asked To “Self-Quarantine”

In a disturbing admission about the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, CNN reports that thousands of Americans have been asked to “self-quarantine”.

With US coronavirus cases topping 220 across 19 states and the death toll climbing to more than a dozen, state governments have asked thousands of residents to seclude themselves from the rest of the community to help contain the virus.

In New York alone, more than 2,500 people were instructed to self-quarantine as health officials scour for anyone who may have been exposed to the state’s first coronavirus cases. At least 22 have tested positive and are in isolation.

In California, health officials said Thursday more than 9,700 returning travelers were told to stay at home and monitor their health. Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency earlier this week after California saw its first virus-related death.

As numbers climb, states are grappling to keep an eye on the thousands of residents shuttered in their homes who may have come in contact with someone infected in efforts to stop the spread of the illness. (source)

However, where are these people now?

Does one actually believe that their employers are letting them stay one?

Does one believe these people will admit to their employers they have the virus for fear of losing a paycheck?

Does one actually think this will do anything?

While the fear is worse than the virus, the fact is that in American society, people are forced to be work slaves.

They will not get a break. Even for something like a global pandemic.

And it is going to spread because of it.

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