Christian Member Of Finnish Parliament “Investigated” For “Ethnic Agitation” For Opposing Sodom

There are very few Christians left in many of the Nordic countries today, and those who are present for the most part are Christians in name only. However, there are still a few who oppose evils, even major ones.

Back in November 2019, the Helsinki Times reported on a Finnish Parliament member, Paivi Rasanen, who found herself under trouble for writing against homosexuality in the early 2000s. Now in an update from the International Christian Concern by way of, she is now being prosecuted for “ethnic agitation” for being a Christian who believes in what the Bible says about sodom.

Paivi Rasanen, a member of the Finnish Parliament, is being investigated by the Prosecutor General’s office because of a tweet she put out in favor of a traditional view of marriage as well as a booklet published in 2004 explaining her beliefs in more detail. Her writing describes her stance on one of the foundational institutions of the Christian faith, and the prosecution represents a prime example of wanton modern censorship.

Ms. Rasanen has been a member of Parliament with the Christian Democratic party since 1995 and has been a vocal proponent of traditional Christian values in a number of areas, including marriage. Finland claims to place a high value on freedom, including the freedom of speech and religion, which is why the prosecution against Ms. Rasanen is of such great concern. Mrs. Rasanen has simply given voice to her deeply held religious beliefs, and by all standards should have the liberty and freedom to do so.

The Prosecutor General is pursuing the case as an example of “ethnic agitation.” (source)

Her case is not unique, because this is the future for Christians in the west who stand up to manifest evils.

It is any surprise perhaps why there is a “refugee crisis” taking place, as many of the African refugees are also Christians?

The Bible is very clear in the Old and New Testaments that God made and loves all races, but that His mercy is on those who fear Him without regard to race.

Race does not save a man, but grace does.

Perhaps instead of blaming others, many in Europe need to look at themselves first as the source of their own problems.

The same goes for America too.

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